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Welcome to the first ever edition of Double Feature Friday…as far as you know, anyway. For those who don’t know me, my name’s Tom, and I’m the newest blogger and token Australian here at Man, I Love Films. I actually hosted this game over at my own blog for a few months last year, but have made the jump over to these shiny new digs after fairly shamelessly offering to whore myself out to Dylan and Kai (many thanks to them both).

For the uninitiated, the way this game works is very simple. Every week on a…wait for it…Friday, I’ll post the titles of a few new releases, along with one or two older films. You’ve then got seven days to comment with the cleverest pairings to go along with those films in a double feature. There’s no rules or restrictions – for example, you might make your selection based on a theme (e.g: Cave of Forgotten Dreams with The Flintstones Movie) or a play on words (e.g: Fright Night with Night Fright). Just remember that we the judging panel (made up of Dylan, Kai and myself) are looking for originality, creative thinking and maybe a little bit of wit (so don’t just go pairing The Empire Strikes Back with Return of the Jedi…you’re smarter than that!)

At the start of each subsequent post we’ll announce the previous weeks winners. Every three months, the leader of the tally will be awarded a DVD prize! At which point the leaderboard will be reset and the fun will begin again!

Ok, that’s enough administrative rubbish. Let’s get into the game!

Project X

The Lorax

Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie

Bonus: Jaws

Bonus: A Separation

Not a particularly exciting week for new releases I’ll admit (I’ve actually seen Project X already and think it’s probably one of the worst films ever made). But that shouldn’t stop you from having fun! Sound off in the comments section below as to what movie you’d like to see paired – and why – with each of this weeks selections.



  • Project X/Project Nim – Two films about Projects

    The Lorax/Cat in the Hat/The Grinch – Obvious Dr Seuss correlation

    Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie/The Greatest Movie Ever Sold – [I assume] Films about People Making Films

    Jaws/Teeth – Two sets of horrific mouths

    A Separation/The Skin I LIve In – The film which Won Best Foreign Picture and the film which SHOULD have won Best Foreign Picture

  • Project X/Sophie’s Choice (morning after results)
    The Lorax/Avatar
    Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie/Best Worst Movie
    A Separation/She Hate Me

  • Project X with Project X – Matthew Broderick FTW!
    The Lorax with Don’t Mess with the Zohan
    Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie with Brewster’s Millions
    Jaws with Moonraker
    A Separation with Stuck on You

  • Project X with Rules of Attraction
    (montages of debauchery)

    The Lorax with Wall-E
    (animated films accused of having “liberal agendas”)

    Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie with Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters
    (Adult Swim shows that made their way to the big screen; wordy/meta titles)

    Jaws with Cujo
    (animal terror)

    A Separation with American History X
    (dealing with difficult decision making)

  • Project X with Old School (same kind of movie, but without the gimic and with “old” people)
    The Lorax with “The Lorax” (1972 TV special)
    Tim and Eric’s with Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
    Jaws with Tremors (land shark?)
    A Separation with A Better Life (cuz we’re all allowed to be a bit sardonic at times)

  • Project X/Superbad (douchebag best friends dbl feature)
    The Lorax/Troll Hunter (Troll Foot dbl Feature)
    Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie/Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle (Let’s get high dbl feature)
    Jaws/Deep Blue Sea (We’re going to SURVIVE dbl feature)
    A Separation/The Future (Breakup Dbl Feature)

  • Project X with Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (the best teen movie)
    The Lorax with The Grinch (double the Seuss – why not?)
    Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie with Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
    Jaws with Poltergeist (good ‘ol fashioned scare fest)
    A Separation with Kiarostami’s Close Up (two brilliant Iranian films)

  • Project X with Can’t Hardly Wait (films where a party changes the lives of various teens)
    The Lorax with Batman Returns (Films where Danny Devito’s height perfectly fits the role)
    Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie with Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (Silly buddy style comedies)
    Jaws with The Cove (Shark picks on man and man, in turn, picks on dolphin)
    A Separation with War of the Roses (both films centre around divorce)

  • Project X with Animal House (crazy parties)
    The Lorax with Bee Movie (animated films with an environmental message)
    Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie with Dumb and Dumber (silly men)
    A Separation with Kramer vs. Kramer (movies dealing with the impact of divorce)

  • PROJECT X with BATTLEFIELD EARTH (Movies that have no business existing and are offensively bad.)
    THE LORAX with THROW MAMA FROM THE TRAIN (Danny Devito for the win!)
    TIM AND ERICS BILLION DOLLAR MOVIE with AQUA TEEN COLON MOVIE FILM FOR THEATERS (Watch em’ stoned, and enjoy the existential meltdown!)
    JAWS with GODZILLA (It came from the sea!!!)
    A SEPARATION with BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN (Newt Gingrich is pissed that these movies did so well!)

  • Oh and I forgot….Jaws with The Grey (man vs animal).

  • The Lorax with Prophecy (1979)- two environmentalist tales about fantastical beasts

    Jaws and Piranha- movies that will keep you away from water

    Project X and The Wild One- movies about the youth of America misbehaving (Dan beat me to the punch on the other Project X)

    Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie and Tremors 3: Back to Perfection- celebrating the wonderful career of Michael Gross (aka Alex P. Keaton’s dad on Family Ties)

  • Project X with XXY (2007) – Debauched sex and intersex.

    The Lorax with Speed Racer – Super-bright tripped out visuals

    Tim & Eric’s Million Dollar Movie with The Science of Sleep – Because every time I see the Tim & Eric poster, it reminds me of Science of Sleep for some reason

    Jaws with Beach Blanket Bingo – Obviously, the Beach Party movies just needed a bit more shark to be awesome

    A Separation with This Is Not a Film – One Iranian filmmaker wins all the awards, the other is under house arrest

  • Project X with Risky Business – an apparent inspiration

    The Lorax with Wall-E – Arbor Day specials

    Jaws with Moonraker – a comedy to relieve the tension

    Billion Dollar Movie with Lost in La Mancha – when making a movie doesn’t pan out

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