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A longstanding desire of Kai and I’s has been to give space and attention to more of the little guys and gals of filmmaking.  Sure, we love and are happy to devote numerous posts to the Avengers and Dark Knights of the world, but we’re just as happy to spotlight truly independent films such as The Pill – films that aren’t produced or distributed by either major studios or the major studios’ little brothers such as Focus Features or Screen Gems.  We want Man, I Love Films to give some love to a wide array of films, from the ones that average Janes and Joes are making on their weekends to the ones made by small filmmakers with lots of talent and big dreams.

What we needed was someone devoted to this matter, and to that end, I introduce you to Thaddeus Zwolfe.  Thaddeus – who, as I’ve told him, has one of the coolest names in the world – will be the site’s go-to guy for indie news and reviews, interfacing with the filmmakers and forming relationships that may end with him watching their films but also may end with Kai and Heather interviewing the filmmakers for the MILFcast.  Who knows?  Learn some more about our newest writer:

Thaddeus is a lawyer, writer and photographer. He’s lived in New York City almost his whole life, which is great inspiration for pictures, stories, and lawsuits. He loves every genre, enjoys subtitles, and misses his old video stores. Thaddeus often has high standards,   but is a committed egalitarian and a lover of smart arguments; if he trashes a film, it’s with good reason.

You can find more of his writing over at his blog, Net-flixation.


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