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Django Unchained may be getting rave reviews from critics everywhere, but not everyone is so quick to heap praise on Quentin Taratino’s latest profanity laden masterpiece. Director Spike Lee has recently boycotted the film on what he believes is QT’s liberal use of the N-word which is reportedly uttered over a hundred times during Django. “I may be sitting courtside with my $3000 dollar Knicks tickets, but I could be doing better,” said an enraged Lee. “Him slinging the N-word around freely don’t make it easy for a brotha to make it in a Caucasian empire……something needs to be done….come on QT…..do the right thing!”


If it weren’t for Quentin, Lee could be doing better than courtside at Madison Square Garden

Tarantino addressed the accusations of being a potty-mouthed racist at a recent press conference. “I thought Inglorious Basterds proved that I could pick on white people,” said the flabbergasted director. “I did that just for Spike…….I think Brad Pitt referred to Germans as ‘krauts’ at least a hundred times and we never once uttered the N-word…..what do I gotta do to make this guy happy? Want me to wash my mouth out with soap Spike? OK….OK….I’ll do it!” Tarantino then proceeded to pull out a bar of soap and scrub his mouth to an astonished crowd of journalists in an attempt to make things right.

QT scrubs away years of potty-mouthed racist scripts

Does this mean Tarantino’s act will be cleaned up from now on? “Don’t count on it,” said Quentin. “My next film is going to have the F-word, C-word, N-word, and any other controversial word I can throw into the mix!” Django Unchained is currently offending audiences in theaters across the country.

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