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With The Veronica Mars Movie Project receiving almost $4 million in donations so far, Paul Reiser has crawled out from under the ’90s to try his hand at crowd-sourced magic. According to indifferent-to-cynical sources, Reiser plans on giving Mad About You, his sitcom hit from 1992-1999, the Kickstarter treatment, apparently (way too)hopeful that people will remember the show and fork over at least $2 million to get the first season off the ground. I knew of the show back in the day but never cared because, you know, Seinfeld. Also The Nanny. Loved that one.

On a personal note, I’d much rather see Timecop get another theatrical run, so my recommendation is for Jean-Claude Van Damme to put a script together, forget the T.V. show ever happened, and don the mullet as Walker once again. Kickstarter should be open to that sort of thing, no? And don’t forget to have sex with Mia Sara one last time, too.

There actually was a Timecop television show. No, really. It even had the asshole from Ghostbusters II.


  • Holy crap, I didn’t even realize Timecop was turned into a show.

    • And now you can never not know again unless you go back in time and stop yourself from reading this. Please don’t, by the way.

  • Awww, poor Timecop the TV show. It had the potential to be the next Stargate. Also, wow, watched a few minutes and…oh boy. Makes the movie seem even awesomer.

    But my big question….really, not My Two Dads? 😀

    • Yea, I’m going to have to watch the movie now.

      My Two Dads? He’s saving that one for the 30th anniversary of its cancellation.

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