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Some filmmakers often enjoy placing a few in-jokes or references into their movies and it’s something that fans, movie buffs and eagle-eyed viewers can really appreciate. Of course when you’re a talented animator spending a good few years of your time working on a huge Pixar project one frame at a time then it’s always a great opportunity to have a little fun with audiences. The team at Pixar are one particular movie establishment renowned for their sense of humor where constant references and hidden Easter eggs are regularly placed across their catalogue of animation masterpieces.

Whether it’s frequently used numbers and images or simply well detailed sequences that appeal cheekily to the adults like the See N Say free roulette scene in Toy Story 3, Pixar are renowned for some truly humorous references.


The Luxo lamp is a significant part of Pixar’s identity and made its first appearance in Luxo, Jnr, one of Pixar’s very first computer animation short films. The iconic lamp can be seen at the beginning of every Pixar production due its subsequent inclusion as part of the company’s animated logo. But it’s actually another computer- created piece that often gets placed into certain scenes that also first appeared in the Luxo shorts. The Luxo ball, a yellow ball that features a blue stripe and red star shape, often pops up in many Pixar projects. In fact it has been seen on screen in all three of the Toy Story movies as well The Incredibles and the Monsters Inc. original and college-set prequel.

On screen teases aside, former “Cheers” star John Ratzenberger also has a particularly notable vocal presence in the Pixar universe. If you do not recognize the name then Pixar fans will certainly recognize the voice. Ratzenberger has vocalized a character for every single Pixar movie to date and is considered to be John Lasseter and Pixar’s very own “good luck charm”. Most notably he voiced the character of Hamm in the Toy Story trilogy and subsequent spin-offs but has also assumed minor voice roles in WALL-E, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc. and the recently released Inside Out.


Another popular reference that has popped up in almost all of the Pixar movies to date, and one that even spawned actual restaurants located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, is Pizza Planet. First seen in Toy Story back in 1995, when Woody and Buzz find themselves lost at a gas station and then hitch a ride in the Pizza Planet truck, the reference has since featured most famously in the historical flick Brave, appearing out of carved wood.

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