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Welcome to Double Feature Fridays, a weekly competition in which I challenge YOU to pair the week’s new releases with your favourite older or classic films.

Each week I name the new theatrical releases as well as a few other bonus picks of my choice. Your job is to comment with what other movie you’d like to screen in a double bill with the given films, and why. You can pick any movie you want – recent, classic, whatever – just be sure get your answers in by Thursday July 26, so the judges have enough time to make their decision.

I’ll get to the movies for this week in just a second, but first it’s time to list off last week’s winners. Fingers crossed you are among them.


Andy, who paired Ice Age: Continental Drift with An Inconvenient Truth and The Imposter with Changeling AND Casablanca with Play It Again, Sam.

Nolahn, who paired Alps with Failure to Launch.

Squasher88, who paired Battlefield Earth with Planet of the Apes.

Congratulations to the winners, you updated scores have been tallied in the leaderboard at the bottom of the page. Bad luck to everyone who missed out – the good news is, you get another chance to compete…right now!!! Your films for this week are:

The Dark Knight Rises

Bonus: Batman

Bonus: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Bonus: Karate Dog

Bonus: Le Voyage dans la lune

Time to put on those thinking caps! Sound off in the comments section below with which films you’d like to pair with this weeks selections.


Nolahn (7 points)

Andy (6 points)

Andrew Robinson (4 points)

Trey (4 points)

Bubbawheat (3 points)

Helen Geib (3 points)

Squasher88 (3 point)

Aiden Redmond (2 points)

Courtney Small (2 points)

Fitz (1 point)



  • THE DARK KNIGHT RISES | DIE HARD (terrorists dbl feature)
    BATMAN | EDWARD SCISSOR HANDS (Tim Burton was good once dbl feature)
    BILL AND TEDS EXCELLENT ADVENTURES | TIME BANDITS (History lessons for kids, and time travel)
    THE KARATE DOG | THREE NINJAS (martial arts, bad movies, and for children)
    TRIP TO THE MOON | MISSION TO MARS (crazy people go into space and find something crazy)

  • The Dark Knight Rises with Return of the Jedi
    Batman with Casino Royale
    Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure with Forrest Gump
    The Karate Dog with Air Bud
    Le Voyage dans la lune with Apollo 18

  • Dark Knight Rises with Return of the King for a really long day at the movies.
    Batman with Batman: Under the Red Hood for a Joker double feature.
    Bill and Ted with Jersey Girl for a Carlin double feature.
    Karate Dog with The Next Karate Kid for two movies with dogs who do Karate (ooh burn!)

  • The Dark Knight Rises with The Avengers (comic book epics)
    Batman with Superman II (80’s comic book movies)
    Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure with Back to the Future (teens and time machines)
    Karate Dog with Kung-Pow: Enter the Fist (animal martial arts)
    A Trip to the Moon with Hugo (Georges Méliès)

  • Andy rocked the last round. Gotta step up…

    THE DARK KNIGHT RISES with ROCKY III (hero gets crushed, must go back to basics DF)

    BATMAN with BEETLE JUICE (for Tim Burton/Micheal Keaton combo pack)

    BILL AND TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE with BILLY THE KID VS. DRACULA (Billy the Kid can deal with anything DF)

    KARATE DOG with KUNG FU PANDA (hikeeba!)

    A TRIP TO THE MOON with ABBOT AND COSTELLO GO TO MARS (outer space shenanigans DF)

  • The Dark Knight Rises with The Bourne Ultimatum (last part of the best two trilogies of recent years – will the studio cash in with a spinoff of Batman too?)

    Batman with Dick Tracy (two vibrant, larger than life comic book movies that came out within a year of each other and cast Hollywood legends as villains)

    Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure with Primer (to radically different takes on time travel, one fun one serious)

    The Karate Dog with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (talking, martial arts expert animals)

    Le Voyage dans la lune with A Grand Day Out (trips to the moon)

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