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Welcome to Double Feature Fridays, a weekly competition in which I challenge YOU to pair the week’s new releases with your favourite older or classic films.

Each week I name the new theatrical releases as well as a few other bonus picks of my choice. Your job is to comment with what other movie you’d like to screen in a double bill with the given films, and why. You can pick any movie you want – recent, classic, whatever – just be sure get your answers in by Thursday August 2nd, so the judges have enough time to make their decision.

I’ll get to the movies for this week in just a second, but first it’s time to list off last week’s winners. Fingers crossed you are among them.


Nolahn, who paired The Dark Knight Rises with Rocky 3 and Karate Dog with Kung Fu Panda.

Andy, who paired Batman with Dick Tracy and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure with Primer.

Squasher88, who paired Le Voyage dans la lune with Hugo.

Congratulations to the winners, you updated scores have been tallied in the leaderboard at the bottom of the page. Bad luck to everyone who missed out – the good news is, you get another chance to compete…right now!!! Your films for this week are:

Step Up: Revolution

The Watch

Killer Joe

Bonus: A Clockwork Orange

Bonus: The Blindside

Time to put on those thinking caps! Sound off in the comments section below with which films you’d like to pair with this weeks selections.


Nolahn (9 points)

Andy (8 points)

Andrew Robinson (4 points)

Squasher88 (4 point)

Trey (4 points)

Bubbawheat (3 points)

Helen Geib (3 points)

Aiden Redmond (2 points)

Courtney Small (2 points)

Fitz (1 point)



  • Step Up Revolution with White Nights
    The Watch with Attack the Block
    Killer Joe with Clay Pigeons
    A Clockwork Orange with Funny Games
    The Blindside with Finding Forrester

  • STEP UP: REVOLUTION with TOP SECRET! (Musical & Revolution-y DF)

    THE WATCH with MYSTERY MEN (Roving Band of Wannabes DF)

    KILLER JOE with ICHI THE KILLER (Now That’s a Killer DF!)

    A CLOCKWORK ORANGE with 1962’s THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE (Brainwashing for a Better Tomorrow DF)

    THE BLIND SIDE with SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE (Rags to Riches while Family Watches Your Back DF)

  • Step Up Revolution with Footloose ’11: Social/cultural revolution brought about by Awesome Dancing!

    The Watch with Invasion of the Body Snatchers: They are among us! In our skins! Literally!

    Killer Joe with Training Day: Bad cops. Really bad cops!

    A Clockwork Orange with Elephant: Violent youth culture!

    The Blindside with Precious

  • STEP UP REVOLUTION | THE FP (dancing dbl feature)
    THE WATCH | 21 JUMP STREET (Jonah Hill’s genre blending dbl feature)
    KILLER JOE | MARTHA MARCEY MAY MARLENE (Matthew vs. John Hawkes dbl feature)
    A CLOCKWORK ORANGE | BRONSON (send them to jail dbl feature)
    THE BLINDSIDE | ATTACK THE BLOCK (black youths empowered dbl feature)

  • Step Up Revolution with Dirty Dancing (dancing)
    The Watch with E.T. (aliens in the suburbs)
    Killer Joe with Bernie (McConaughey, rednecks)
    A Clockwork Orange with Brazil (future Britain)
    The Blind Side with Invincible (football)

  • Step Up Revolution with Miami Vice (Miami double bill or to put it another way a “his and hers” double bill)
    The Watch with Men In Black (no explanation needed)
    Killer Joe with The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (Texas killers double bill)
    A Clockwork Orange with Serenity (governments misguided attempts to make a better world)
    The Blind Side with Invictus (true sporting stories that are to sentimental to be great)

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