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Welcome to Double Feature Fridays, a weekly competition in which I challenge YOU to pair the week’s new releases with your favourite older or classic films.

Each week I name the new theatrical releases as well as a few other bonus picks of my choice. Your job is to comment with what other movie you’d like to screen in a double bill with the given films, and why. You can pick any movie you want – recent, classic, whatever – just be sure get your answers in by Thursday September 6th, so the judges have enough time to make their decision.

I’ll get to the movies for this week in just a second, but first it’s time to list off last week’s winners. Fingers crossed you are among them.


Trey, who paired The Apparition with The Entity.

Andy, who paired Hit & Run with Vanishing Point and Premium Rush with North by Northwest.

Dan Heaton, who paired Exit Through the Gift Shop with My Kid Could Paint That.

Nolahn, who paired Saving Private Ryan with Let’s Get Harry.

Congratulations to the winners, you updated scores have been tallied in the leaderboard at the bottom of the page. Bad luck to everyone who missed out – the good news is, you get another chance to compete…right now!!! Your films for this week are:


The Possession

The Ambassador

Bonus: Dragonball Evolution

Bonus: Bonnie & Clyde

Time to put on those thinking caps! Sound off in the comments section below with which films you’d like to pair with this weeks selections.


Nolahn (13 points)

Andy (10 points)

Squasher88 (8 point)

Trey (7 points)

Andrew Crump (6 points)

Dan Heaton (6 points)

Andrew Robinson (4 points)

Bubbawheat (3 points)

Helen Geib (3 points)

Aiden Redmond (2 points)

Courtney Small (2 points)

Fitz (1 point)



  • Lawless with Public Enemies
    The Possession with The Exorcism of Emily Rose
    The Ambassador with Blood Diamond
    Dragonball Evolution with The Last Airbender
    Bonnie and Clyde with Natural Born Killers

  • Time to make the donuts…

    LAWLESS with THE DUKES OF HAZZARD (Bootleggers R Us DF)
    THE POSSESSION with HELLRAISER (Bad Box DF — I swear, THE POSSESSION has the exact same description as THE APPARITION from last week)
    THE AMBASSADOR with BORAT (Foreign Jornos Gone Gonzo DF)
    BONNIE AND CLYDE with THE NEWTON BOYS (Olde Timey Crime Spree DF)

  • Lawless with L.A. Confidential (corruption and Guy Pearce)
    The Possession with The Exorcist (cursed children)
    The Ambassador with The Constant Gardener (dangerous Africa)
    Dragonball Evolution with 3 Ninjas (Japanese action)
    Bonnie & Clyde with Paper Moon (Great Depression crime)

  • Lawless with The Untouchables (prohibition from both sides of the law)
    The Possession with Hell raiser (don’t open the box!)
    The Ambassador with Spies Like Us (surprising under cover operatives)
    Dragonball Evolution with Seven Swords (seven orbs/sword save the world/village)
    Bonnie & Clyde with Badlands (outlaw couples based on true stories)

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