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Yes that’s right, it’s the announcement you’ve all been waiting for. I know I said this would be up last week, and while I’d like to tell you that the delay was in fact a brilliant tactic meant to draw out the anticipation, the truth is…I just kind of lost track of the time. So rather than hold you in suspense any longer, lets take a look at the winners of the final round of this seasons’ competition.

Dan Heaton, who paired The Master with The Sound of My Voice.

Squasher88, who paired Resident Evil: Retribution with The Fifth Element and Finding Nemo 3D with Changeling and Arbitrage with There Will Be Blood.

Nolahn, who paired Trash Humpers with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Congratulations to the most recent set of winners, and a big congratulations from Nolahn, who held on against a late in the game challenge from Andy Hart to take this season with a total of 17 wins. For his efforts he’s won an item of his choice from the Man, I Love Films store. Nolahn once you’ve made your selection email dylan[@]manilovefilms[.]com.

Finally, for anyone who’s interested, here were the final standings when all was said and done.


Nolahn (17 points)

Andy (14 points)

Squasher88 (12 point)

Dan Heaton (9 points)

Trey (7 points)

Andrew Crump (6 points)

Andrew Robinson (4 points)

Bubbawheat (3 points)

Helen Geib (3 points)

Aiden Redmond (2 points)

Courtney Small (2 points)

Fitz (1 point)

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