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Seriously! Don’t go to that Men in Black rip off or that Cars rip off with the snails. Go see Pacific Rim. Yeah, I know I’m probably being way too over the top with my love for it, but I could give a shit! It deserves your money. So, do your civic duties, and feel good about yourself. What it is MILFers(???). Sebastian here with another edition of Cinematic Captions, the only game in the world whose outcome is fully dependent on your ability to make me chuckle. Many have tried. Most have failed! Do you have what generic cialis it takes? We’ll find out today! Also, Happy Birthday baby bro! But first, your winner! RUNNER UP: “And that’s how Bella got her groove back.” – Colin Biggs AND THE WINNER IS… STEVE!!

CC86 Now it’s a contest!

THE LEADERBOARD Steve Honeywell (1) Steve (1)

So, the theater I’m working at just last night opened their production of Camelot. Rather than go the route of knights in shining armor and all that, the director is taking the show in the direction of, as he describes it, “Camelot by way of Game of Thrones.” It’s thrown into the dark ages, with all the brutality and such that came with it. Reminds me of another attempt to take Arthur and Lancelot and Guinevere and darken them up. Well, reminds me of one that failed to do that anyway.


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