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CINEMATIC CAPTIONS #100!!!!!! #100!!!!!!


Here we are! Number 100!!! Are you prepared?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Didn’t think so!

What it is MILFers(???). Sebastian here with another edition of Cinematic Captions, the only game in the world whose outcome is fully dependent on your ability to make me chuckle. Many have tried. Most have failed! Do you have what it takes? We’ll find out today!

Let me break down the prizes for you for this round.

Like I said previously, the awesomeness of the prize depends on how many new people hop on the game for this round and the next one. We’ve had five new players already, which is great, but we can do better.

So, let me incentivize you. This post will carry with it its own prize. This may sound a little complicated, so stop me if I go to fast. The base prize will be a brand, spanking new Blu-Ray (3D or otherwise depending on your capabilities) of the best film of the summer, Pacific Rim. The movie is released on video on Oct. 15th. If that doesn’t strike your fancy, you can receive any two random DVDs (not Blu-Rays) of your choice. Kai and Dylan will also throw in some MILF swag which will refer to them on.

Here’s where it gets fun. The prize will improve as more people play. The ultimate goal is 15 new players who have never set foot in these waters before. At five new players, Kai will throw in a copy of The Matrix, Fight Club, or The Hangover on DVD in addition to the prize already dictated. If ten people join, the winner can choose an extra random DVD from Amazon in addition the Blu-Ray/2 DVDs. And if we get 15 or more new people to play, the

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winner can choose another Blu-Ray or an additional 3 DVDs to go with their copy of Pacific Rim. I will not judge you based on what you choose. MILF swag is included in all of this.

So since we’ve had five, the winner gets Pacific Rim, some MILF swag, and either The Matrix, Fight Club, or The Hangover on DVD.

Make sense? Alright, let’s keep playing then.

But first, your winners!

“… so do we go down to get to the roof?” – Steve
“It’s like Australia, you have to go counter clockwise.” – Justine



Steve Honeywell (3)
Colin Biggs (2)
Steve (1)
Wayne (1)
Pablo Delgadillo (1)
David Opie (1)

This is it! Remember, if you win this one, you get the prize. If you get more people to play, the prize will get better. 15 is the goal. 10 left. Can you do it?


Amuse me!!!


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