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I was gonna do it. I was going jump off a bridge because all my friends were doing it. I was going to do a Kai’s Top 10 X-mas Movies list. I know… I’m sorry.

Everybody’s doing those right now. If that’s what you’re looking for, you should be visiting a website called Google instead of Man, I Love Films. Instead, let’s use this opportunity to end an age old debate: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? I say it is. Let’s look at the facts…


At the beginning of the film, John McClane is carrying a big bear around with a bow on it. Why? Is John McClane a stuffed animal enthusiast? Is he a furry? No, he’s an american bad-ass. Who happens to be carrying around a gigantic CHRISTMAS PRESENT on his way to…


You know it’s a good party too because it has guys in Don Johnson beards doing cocaine. What’s McClane doing in California… besides trying to get some of that familiar strange? he’s attending his wife’s X-mas party. An event that takes place on Christmas!


Christmas for many is a celebration of the birth of Christ. According to a Christian website I visited today, the term Jesus or Christ or, my personal favorite, Jesus effing Christ is used over 20 times in this film. Shot outs!


HO – HO – HO. Is Jon McClane insinuating that the criminals who just found their recently slain friend in an elevator are common street walkers? Nay! He is in fact reciting a line of X-mas dialogue made famous by the one and only Saint Nick himself.


Does Jon McClane feel the Christmas spirit. You bet… and the spirit is lucky he didn’t kick it’s ass! McClane uses the events that transpire on his X-mas holiday to reignite the love affair with his wife, lay her down by the fire and show her some roasted chestnuts.

Are you convinced yet? No? What can I say? I always drink too much egg nog before writing these lists. Vodka Rocks = egg nog at your house too, right?

In seriousness, I love watching Die Hard at this time of year. I’ve always considered the film to be a Christmas movie. It just happens to be a Christmas Action movie. Sure, the film could’ve been made free of the Christmas backdrop but I wouldn’t change a thing about this film.

In short, I guess I wanted to open this up to discussion. You know how I feel but what say you? Die Hard… Christmas movie or not? Leave your thoughts below. Oh, and before I forget, did you hear when they gave me a shot out in the film…


  • Y’know, I don’t think you need to justify this as a Christmas film.

    By the way–the song over the end credits? “Let it Snow.” So, if you need a sixth reason…

  • I agree with SJHoneywell – the music is another big Christmas factor. Sgt. Al Powell AKA Carl Winslow sings a little bit of Let it Snow, plus Argyle plays “Christmas in Hollis” in the limo.

    I agree with all your other points. Always liked this flick, but I just watched it on Christmas Eve for the first time. I think I’ve got a new tradition!

  • Having just watched and reviewed it, Die Hard is most definitely a Christmas movie (thanks for the link back btw)!

    You’ve listed great reasons, plus the aforementioned music. I love that Powell sings “Let it Snow” just before the terrorist falls through his windshield. The weather outside is frightful indeed. So many jokes like that wouldn’t play if it weren’t for the Xmas setting.

    Now if you want to talk action movies that didn’t need to be set at Christmas, check the vault later this afternoon.

  • I completely agree that Die Hard is a Christmas movie, although you haven’t convinced me that Willis/McClane can’t also be a furry. You know how those Hollywood types are.

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