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One of our writers (Wayne) recently did an excellent Vault Review of the film Saved! In the comments of that post, one of our readers mentioned that it was her favorite film about teen pregnancy. It got the colossal collective of minds spinning here at MILF. So, we decided to bring you a list of our favorite pregnancy films.

I’ve decided not to limit this just to teen pregnancy. However, I have set up one hard parameter. The film cannot just feature pregnancy, which eliminates great films like Dawn of the Dead (2004), Parenthood and Fargo. No, pregnancy has to be featured heavily within the plot of the film. That being said, let’s dive in:


I’ve just never got around to watching it. Deal with it, people.


If you love good Horror films, then stick to American and Asian cinema. If you love good Horror films that feature copious barrels of blood shooting all over the screen like a sick and twisted water balloon fight, then look no further than the French. This film isn’t for the average Horror movie fan but it is a damn good Horror flick. The film revolves around a pregnant widow who is due to give birth at any second. A strange woman appears at her door and wants her baby. She terrorizes her in an attempt to take the baby at all costs. Even if she has to cut it out herself!


I feel like this film doesn’t get enough respect. It’s actually a very funny and sweet film. It just sort of falls in the shadow of The 40 Year Old Virgin which came before it and, admittedly, is a superior film. However, this film is still a great example of Judd Appatow doing what he does best which is crafting quirky comedies that have a lot of heart. My only complaint is that it might be a bit too long.


Normally, I think of Hugh Grant RomComs of the 90s and, well… UGH! Yet this film is hard not to like. I think it’s one of the most honest films you can make about the actually pregnancy experience while still molding well into a studio format film. The cast is also great featuring Julianne Moore, Robin Williams, Jeff Goldblum, Joan Cusack and Tom Arnold. What happened to Tom Arnold? He actually used to appear in some really good films… except for The Stupids… and Soul Plane… and, you know what? I just really liked True Lies.


The real life story surrounding this film is pretty grim. The director, Adrienne Shelly, was strangled to death and left to look like a suicide before the film was released and applauded by critics and film-goers alike. Not only is this a shame in the sense of what happened but for the film as well. It’s actually a very sweet comedy about a pregnant waitress/baker, in a horrible relationship, who falls for her Obstetrician played by the always lovable Nathan Fillion.


Many people might think a guy picking this Action/Thriller as his number one pregnancy film is a very dude thing to do. Not so though as this is just a phenomenal film that most women I know seem to love as well. To be fair, most of the women I know are pretty awesome though. The film itself is about a world where everyone has become infertile and the human race is facing it’s extinction. Clive Owen is tasked with the responsibility of protecting, and delivering to safety, a young lady who miraculously comes to be with child. If you haven’t ever seen this film, do yourself a favor. I’ve never heard a bad word about it!

Remember, we here at Man, I Love Films don’t do definitive lists. We do our favorites and we want to hear yours. So, make sure and tell us about them in the comments section below.


  • I haven’t seen 3 of your flicks on this list (though I’m kinda shocked I haven’t seen Inside yet. I’ve heard of it, of course, though). I’d probably have Juno on my list, though.

  • Thanks for not including that punkass Arnold Schwarzenegger pregnant movie.

  • Good pregnancy films, eh? Well, you got Inside, but I’ll trump it with the far more disturbing Grace.

    And second Nick’s Juno suggestion.

  • Love love love Children of Men! One of my all time favorites. Strong plot, great actors, visually gorgeous and I love that cozy house in the woods.
    PS: you haven’t seen Rosemary’s Baby? Srsly??

  • You just won me over with Waitress. LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie!

  • Awesome choices. I thought Inside, for the most part, was a fantastic film.

  • Great list, especially Waitress. It’s one of those films where I wish the characters were real because I’d like to meet them. I haven’t seen Nine Months but am a huge fan of Julianne Moore. I’ll have to beg my local MILF writer to add this to his Netflix queue.

  • Agree with your top pick. I know you don’t like it but Juno would be number two on my list.

    Rosemary’s Baby is worth a look as is Demon Seed.

  • Big thumbs up to your top 3, especially Waitress! Brilliant little film. Been too long since I saw it last.

  • yeah JUNO really needs to be here as others have mentioned. I also have a fondness for Molly Ringwald’s “For Keeps.” For some strange reason, I dig pregnant redheads.

  • …I’ve always had a soft spot of Nine Months. It gets a bad rep but you’re right about that cast and Hugh Grant is really fun in it (as is Goldblum). In fact, I just bought the DVD from a bargain bin so I might watch it again very soon.

    Rosemary’s Baby is a must-see though Kai – a brilliant horror film and definitely worthy of a placing in any list about pregnancy.

  • Nice list. I had my wife watch Rosemary’s Baby while she was pregnant with our first. She has never forgiven me for that.

  • i loathe juno!!! nobody talks like that…seriously!! thank you for not putting it on this list…

    pregnant, miserable, self loathing pity pie…thank you for putting waitress on this list!!!

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