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When Kai came and asked if anyone could take his usual slot for him this week with a list, I took the opportunity… for I’ve had a few lists on my mind that I just haven’t gotten around to. And I found this a perfect chance to give one. And the one I’m going to talk about today is top elevator scenes in films.

Elevator scenes can be a lot. They can be scary. They can be funny. They can be romantic. They can be intense. They can even be a mix of those. That’s a lot of emotions that can take place in such a small area. Before I get into this, though, I do want to add that I’m not really including films where elevators are central to the overall plot, such as Devil or any of the killer, demonic elevator movies out there (yes, there is more than one). Instead, these are just scenes that just so happen to take place in elevators within the film–they can be long scenes, short scenes… whatever.

NOTE: For the most part, I’m just gonna let the videos do the talking for me.

Runner-Up: Attack the Block… it gets runner-up status basically for nothing really happening in or around the elevator, but for the visual when the doors open at the very end. Also, Willy Wonka barely missed the list, as well.




Note: This is not a great video, as it has been chopped up and edited to fit some weird analogy this person was trying to make… but it’s the only one I could find for the scene. But it has a similar ending to the previous film on this list.



Note: This isn’t the full scene… but I couldn’t find the full one, so this will have to do. Also, embedding was unfortunately disabled for this video, so you’ll have to click here to see it on top of that. Sorry. Anyway, the T-1000 is chasing the others and attacking them in an elevator. Good stuff.




The only reason this isn’t higher on the list is because it kind of goes against my own rule that it can’t be a major part of the plot. This is essentially the first 15 minutes of the movie or thereabouts. Because of this, I don’t have actual video to share. But I’m sure you know what I’m talking about anyway.


Warning: Major Spoilers





Note: I’m sure you could really include any Die Hard movie, but I loved this one in particular.



Note: Split into two parts because I couldn’t find a full version.



Remember, we here at Man, I Love Films don’t do definitive lists. We do our favorites and we want to hear yours. So, make sure and tell us about them in the comments section below.


  • Nice list. The two that immediately jumped into my head were Speed and Drive. T2 and The Departed are also great choices. From this year, Cabin in the Woods also has a fun elevator scene, though I’m not sure it’s worth being on the list.

  • Great list. That Drive scene is definitely my favorite elevator scene.

    • I just couldn’t put it as #1. I love it’s, and it’s a great and fantastically well-made scene… but hot damn is it overrated.

  • Damn, it’s been so long since I’ve seen Spider-Man 2 that I didn’t remember that scene at all. That was awesome.

    Out of the ones on this list, I have no idea which one is my favorite, but that Departed scene is insane. I also liked the surprise of having The Eye on there. Didn’t expect that given the rest of the choices. On a side note, one of my favorite scenes in The Eye is when she sees the mother with the long tongue at the restaurant. Fucking disturbing.

    • That is a great moment in SM2. It’s like that moment at the very end of Avengers where they’re just sitting around eating… normal, human moments from superhuman people.

      The Eye elevator scene is one of my favorite sequences ever. And when you connect what happens right after it with that scene, you have one of the scariest, most brilliantly paced 5 minutes of any horror movie–next to the opening of 28 Weeks Later, that is.

  • That Resident Evil scene is the reason I don’t use elevators anymore. Awesome list!

  • Where’s Ghostbusters? That was the first elevator scene that came to mind when I saw the title.

    • I couldn’t even remember an elevator scene in that movie… I had to look it up. It’s really not that memorable of a scene, to me–at least not the elevator segment. Maybe attacking the cleaning lady after they get off, but they’d already left the elevator behind at that point, so it doesn’t count. But the actual scene with the elevator isn’t big enough to make this list, sorry. I also at least feel justified in not including it based on NONE of the other lists and posts I found when I was doing research on this ever mentioned it, either.

  • You have the scene from Die Hard with a Vengeance which is all I wanted to see from this list.

    Well done!

  • Saw the elevator-set Devil for sale in the supermarket bargain bin yesterday for £3. It still isn’t worth it!

    Great list of films that use the claustrophobic location far better!

  • What about The Double? ;p

  • What about the murder from Dressed To Kill? That gave me nightmares for a long while…

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