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I confess! This is a much harder post to write than it was last year. Dunno, but there weren’t very many good trailers this year… for 2012 movies that is. Last year I did my best to limit it to movies that were released in 2011, and, barring a quick dalliance with The Dark Knight Rises, I did alright. But this year… it was impossible for me. So, it’s a mix.

Anyway. Here are my picks for the the best trailers of this, the year of our… president, 2012!

10. Ted (Red Band)

It was the first thing that we ever saw of this thing. Really though. It seemed like it was announced and then we got this trailer for it almost immediately. And though it divided people, I thought the trailer was hilarious. Mostly just because that first shot of that damn bear running into the room still gets me everytime.

9. Les Misérables

Speaking of dividing people. I thought the finished product was absolutely brilliant, a stunning tour de force of emotion, music, and story telling. Some people hated, and I mean, hated it! I don’t care! This is my list damn it! This trailer is simple, showcasing the biggest moment of the film, the moment that everyone agrees is amazing! Anne Hathaway sings a song that many know, but does it with an extraordinary grace and fragility, that it feels entirely new! I was predisposed to love the hell out of Les Misérables from day 1, so, yeah. You’re damn right I loved this trailer! Come at me Tom!

8. Gangster Squad

Let’s forget about the circumstances that saw this movie being pushed back to January, or, as I like to call it, movie purgatory. Let’s just talk about the trailer! The latest one is awesome! I thought the first one got a little carried away with the slo-mo and the style, but the one I’m singling out was just as awesome, as well as delving deeper into the characters. Plus, who doesn’t love seeing Sean Penn as a mustache twirling bad guy? It’s great!

7. Iron Man 3

Coming back from Iron Man 2 is one thing. Following up the highest grossing super hero movie of all time is quite another. Shane Black reunites with Downey Jr. in what looks to be a much darker and sinister piece of the Tony Stark pie. Phase 2 commences this summer! Holy balls, can this movie just come out already?

6. Star Trek Into Darkness

See above, but apply Star Trek or JJ Abrams to every mention of Marvel properties!

5. Zero Dark Thirty

Really, the advertising campaign for Zero Dark Thirty has been top tier! But this one, which focused almost exclusively on Jessica Chastain’s character, is the best of the bunch. That last shot of the Navy SEALs pushing open the door to Bin Laden’s compound is aces! All this is great. But setting it to a chorus singing a mournful rendition of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”? Perfection!

4. Man of Steel

Zach Snyder? You’ve convinced me to give you another chance. Damn you and the stunning trailers that come with your movies!

3. The Dark Knight Rises

They were all great, but this last one, which delves more heavily into the dilemma of Bruce Wayne as he struggles to “give everything” to the people of Gotham, is close to perfect! Exciting, rousing, and beautiful to look at, it’s everything we expect from a Nolan trailer!

2. Prometheus

It uses that damn trailer noise a lot. It’s incredibly atmospheric. It convinced nearly everyone to go and see it. Even the people who didn’t like the movie loved the trailer. Something must have been done right!

1. Cloud Atlas

A 5 minute trailer? Why not! #YOLO Did anybody know about Cloud Atlas before this trailer? Ok. And how many people put it on their Most Anticipated For the Rest of 2012 lists after they saw it? That’s what I thought. Wonderfully illustrating the labyrinthian narrative and showcasing it’s incredible visuals, Cloud Atlas was already a great trailer. Where it succeeds and claims the best of 2012 crown, is how it made us need to

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see it! After I saw this thing, I just had to see the rest of it! I! Just! Had! To!

Remember, we here at Man, I Love Films don’t do definitive lists. We do our favorites and we want to hear yours. So, make sure and tell us about them in the comments section below.


  • Some great calls, some not-so-great calls. Prometheus was probably #1 (though I know I didn’t call that one out to you). That first full-length trailer was fucking awesome, and I’m sure many believe it was better than the film turned out to be. Had to plug in and watch that one on the big screen at home when it first came out.

    And (the one I did call out) the Gangster Squad I just love. For a film I wasn’t all that interested in seeing, it hit all the right notes, and throwing Jay-Z on there was just genius.

    But Man of Steel and Iron Man 3? Meh at best. Also not sure how much I loved the Cloud Atlas trailer itself, but throwing out a 5+-minute trailer was pretty ballsy.

  • Definitely #1 for Prometheus. Trailer was amazing and left too big of an expectation for the film to capture. That’s pretty impressive, if you ask me.

    I dig that Iron Man 3 trailer too. Don’t let Dylan sway you there. But he’s right about Man of Steel. That one doesn’t do anything for me either!

    Great job though –

  • I actually thought the LES MIS trailer was great, because it showcases what’s easily the best thing about the film: Anne Hathaway.

    My number one might also surprise you actually: it’s PROMETHEUS. Fantastic trailer…beautiful, intriguing, tense and it doesn’t seem to give anything away. Then you watch the film are realise a) it’s a terrible film and b) the trailer gives away the climax. Still, the first time I saw it I thought it was stunning.

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