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Film has a way of transporting us to a number of amazing places. We can visit Middle Earth in The Lord of the Rings trilogy or whatever the hell is in Edward Norton’s head in Fight Club.

One of the best impacts I get from a movie though is when the pots are boiling, the skillet is sizzling and the plates are being set on screen. When done well, cinematic food is amongst the most mouth-watering you’ll ever see. Without further ado, here are the top ten films that make me hungry.

bigkahuna10. The Breakfast Club – This is a cover all the bases pick. I love sushi (Claire’s lunch). For twelve years of my life, I ate peanut butter and jelly just about every day (Brian). Actually, I ate at least two and sometimes three sandwiches throughout school, with chips and dessert and fruit (Andrew’s). And who hasn’t wanted a lunch composed of Cap’n Crunch, Pixie Stix and Coke (Allison) at some point in their lives?

9. HookHook is not a good movie, but its best moment comes when a table is set before a starving adult Peter Pan and the the lids come off the pots to reveal… nothing. It’s only when our hero start to use his imagination that he (and we) see the never-food piled high on the table in every color of the rainbow. A technicolor food fight ensues, making this a messy and yummy entry.

8. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – There’s a lot of moments you can go with in this one. The ice cream scene is an obvious one. I have to go with the jello mold. I loved jello as a kid and the film gets the delectable jiggle of the dessert just right.

7. Pulp Fiction – Has a burger ever looked as good as a Big Kahuna Burger? Most films go for a burger that’s too perfect. When Jules takes a bite of his, it looks exactly like a burger should. And the straw slurping at the end just completes the mouth watering experience.

6. Chocolat – A greasy Johnny Depp get take any of the beauty and charm away from Juliette Binoche and her amazing confections. My wife and I saw this in a theater and immediately had to find chocolate when we got home.

ratatouille5. Lady and the Tramp – I love spaghetti and meatballs. If left to my own devices, I’d probably eat pasta every day. So this has to be on here. When you think about my favorite dish, this is what pops into your mind.

4. Julie & Julia – Half of this is a great film and we are fortunate to have Meryl Streep as Julia Child in that half. Everything she prepares looks amazing, but her reactions to tasting her dishes? I will eat anything that gets that kind of a reaction.

3. Goodfellas – There are two scenes that get my stomach growling in Goodfellas. First, the famous tracking shot of Henry Hill arriving at the club with the future Mrs. Hill. I love the atmosphere of restaurants and its never been captured as efficiently as that. Of course, the other is when the crew is preparing dinner in prison. That garlic…

2. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – Theme your film around candy and you are halfway toward being on a list like this. However, create a scene that allows the children to enter a literal candy land, complete with chocolate river mixed by chocolate waterfall? (*drooling sounds*) Augustus, I would have ended up in that river too.

1. Ratatouille – This shouldn’t work. At all. A cartoon set in Parisian restaurant starring a mouse? Is there a more disgusting set up for a film? But it does more than work. The meals here are gorgeous and when Anton Ego takes a bite into that signature dish in the climax and is immediately transported back to his childhood, we are all there with him.

If I made you hungry, I feel bad so here is the number one film to make you lose your appetite:

1. Seven – That opening gluttony crime scene is completely foul. The spoiled food, the ruptured…eww. Just…eww.

Remember, we here at Man, I Love Films don’t do definitive lists. We do our favorites and we want to hear yours. So, make sure and tell us about them in the comments section below.


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