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If you’re like me, watching so many films year in and year out can lead to a diluted memory, especially with the slew of mediocre films available. However, every now and then even the lamest of films makes a lasting impression. Below are the Top 10 moments from 2012 movies that have etched an indelible memory onto my brainpan. It should go without saying, but ahead there be spoilers.

10. Haywire – Losing the Hotel Deposit


Reaching way back to the start of 2012, I still recall the mood set by Gina Carano and Michael Fassbender as they get down and dirty. It’s brutal and violent and perfectly continues the realistic tone set for the tale of this betrayed solider’s fight to survive. Plus it sets Carano up as a force to be reckoned with in many, many more action films to come.


09. Snow White and the Huntsman – The Queen, a Murder of Crows, and Puddle of Black Goo


I can’t say that I found the story of Snow White and the Huntsman all that engaging, but it had some of the most exhilarating visuals of 2012. Especially for a movie one wouldn’t expect them from. The single-most impressive moment is when Ravenna, having tricked the dreary Snow White, morphs into a murder of crows, returns to her castle where they morph into a wicked pool of obsidian goo from which Ravenna emerges. It’s a sensational visual effect and why I’m cheering for this underdog at the Oscars.


08. Take This Waltz – The Roller Coaster Ride that is Margot’s New Life


Folks are getting a lot of mileage out of the nude scene from Take This Waltz, but I’ve got an even better moment for you. Margot’s wish comes true and, in a brilliant sequence, director Sarah Polley illustrates through camerawork and time lapse how the thrilling and exciting view from the other side of the fence quickly becomes the same all-too-familiar entrapments.


07. Cabin in the Woods – Our Hero Goes for Help


I had my doubts about The Cabin in the Woods going in, and even throughout the first third of the film. Then the curtain is pulled back to reveal the cleverness of it all and I was double-fisting popcorn ’til the end. My favorite moment is when 2012’s ubiquitous hero, Chris Hemsworth, saddles up to go get help. Audiences have been forewarned of the dangers ahead, but the buildup to his failure and all the bouncy sadness that follows is unforgettable.


06. The Expendables 2 – Vilain emphasizes his “point”


Seeing Jean Claude Van Damme back on the big screen was a 2012 highlight for me. As Vilain, he casually threatens Barney and his crew of what will happen if they interfere with his diabolical plans and to punctuate his threat, he gives Barney’s massive blade the patented JCVD leg treatment into poor Billy. Funny thing is, had he just not been such a show off, he wouldn’t have had such hell rain down upon him.


05. Moonrise Kingdom – The Innocence of True Love


Mad props to Wes Anderson for this moment. Though the idea of two adolescent teens escaping to a secluded beach to romp around in their underwear is hard not to be seen as sexual, Anderson illustrates just how pure and innocent the love between Sam and Suzy is.


04. The Raid: Redemption – Two Brothers, One Mad Dog


Scrawny and diminutive, Mad Dog doesn’t look like much of a match for Rama. Then he goes and allows Rama to release Jaka from his shackles to take them both on. But neither of them are laughing when Mad Dog comes off his chain! Thanks to those most phenomenal seven minutes, I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more of Yayan Ruhian in the future.


03. Wanderlust – “Fixins’ ta fuck ya” Pep Talk


On the whole, the laughs were few and far between in Wanderlust, but when Linda gives George permission to sleep with the hottest woman in the commune, he can’t believe his luck and I still can’t forget the hilarity. Rudd’s comedic genius shines as he gives himself a little sex pep talk before offering up his prowess to Eva.


02. Magic Mike – “Stick It”


The bandana, the speedos, the banana-colored belly shirt. As Dallas, McConaughey owns every ounce of this moment wherein he teaches Adam the finer points of male stripping. It’s a spectacular, mesmerizing performance on par with Burt Reynolds’ Jack Horner in Boogie Nights. I am still upset McConaughey was snubbed his supporting actor nod.


01. The Avengers – “I’m Always Angry”


And with those simple words amid the chaos of the invading Chitauri Army, mild-mannered Dr. Bruce Banner unleashes the massive green awesomeness known as the Hulk and regulates on a giant flying alien worm ship. A shining brilliant moment in a terrific film.


Got any favorite moments from 2012? Please share!

Remember, we here at Man, I Love Films don’t do definitive lists. We do our favorites and we want to hear yours. So, make sure and tell us about them in the comments section below.


  • I kinda forgot The Raid was from this past year. God, that movie was a blast.

  • The self-surgery scene in Prometheus was a pretty damn iconic moment in 2012 cinema.

    Also, the monster elevators in Cabin in the Woods, the tsunami scene in The Impossible, the white panther fantasy in Casa de Mi Padre, …and i thought the raid on the compound in Zero Dark Thirty was the best overall scene last year

    • Ah, the self-surgery was pretty wicked. Totally blanked on that one.

      Will have to see The Impossible and Zero Dark Thirty at some point.

      I did see Case de mi Padre and both the white panther and the mannequin sex romp were on my long list, but didn’t make the cut because I just couldn’t give CdmP a slot.

  • Okay, the mirror pep talk is amazing. Rudd doesn’t deserve to be as handsome as he is and still be that goddamn funny. It isn’t fair.

    Good stuff Wayne. I probably would have gone for the obvious moment with Cabin and said “the purge”, but Curt’s herooooohhhhhhshit moment worked like gangbusters– amazing considering that we kinda knew it was coming. And I love that you picked the dancing-on-the-beach scene from Moonrise, which remains my favorite movie of 2012.

    I’ll throw in Schultz’s grand exit from Django Unchained for this list; it’s totally atypical of what we expect from him, but it makes complete, absolute sense in light of the events leading into it. Even a rational man can snap. (And Sammy J’s reaction to that beat is AMAZING.)

    Also: the accordion interlude from Holy Motors. That scene alone justifies the whole film while also supporting its eccentricity and wonderfulness.

    • Looks and humor; Rudd really does have the whole package. That’s why he’s my mancrush.

      Cabin in the Woods had lots of great moments to choose, but the buildup to the crash-n-burn made it a cut above the rest.

      I really wanted to include a moment from Django. I had narrowed it down to the dog attack and when Sammy J gets real with Candie. Your choice is excellent. What I should have done is simply add an honorable mention for the whole movie. QT really knows how to make a movie stick with you.

      Never heard of Holy Motors. Sounds like I need to at least check out the accordion scene.



    I like most of these but I did miss a few. The link above will lead you to my list.

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