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Strange idea for a list? Well, Kai sent an email saying a post NEEDED to go up in this slot and nobody was willing to do so. I guess everyone is busy watching movies named The Beasts of Argo Pi Miserables or something so here we are. When I try to think of ideas for lists, I usually turn to my DVD collection for inspiration but this time, I decided to glance at my Netflix queue and, well, the rest is history. Or at least WILL be history. I’m gonna make you a part of history. Yes, that was meant to sound like a pick up line. ‘Sup baby?

Anyway, for one reason or another I haven’t gotten to these movies yet, despite me adding them years ago. Probably has something to do with me normally watching movies titled Zombie Slumber Party Massacre In The Hood Part 5: In Space. Without further ado, on with the show!


5. El Topo-I’ve heard how weird this movie is and it’s basically just something for art students to jerk off to, but I enjoy weird movies and sometimes arty movies (See early works of David Lynch) so I dunno why I haven’t seen it yet. Perhaps one day, when I buy long French cigarettes and hate movies like Scott Pilgrim vs The World, I will finally give this a shot.


4. Legend-So there’s a movie with Tom Cruise, Ferris Bueller’s girlfriend, and Tim Curry AND it’s directed by Ridley Scott?! Why haven’t I seen this fucking movie yet?!? This is one of those movies that seems to split people. Some people either love it or some people seem to hate it. To me, it sounds like a wild ride and can’t wait to get around to it.


3. The Devil’s Rain-If you think THAT cast sounds crazy, how about John Travolta, Ernest Borgnine, William Shatner, AND Tom Skerritt?! In a movie about Satan worshipping?! And goats from what I hear. Man, this movie can NOT live up to my expectations, let me tell you.


2. Spiral-Directed by Adam “Hatchet/Frozen” Green and starring Joel David Moore (YES THAT JOEL DAVID MOORE), it’s about Moore being a creepy guy, the guy who was Chuck on that show “Chuck” being his friend, and one of the hottest girls in the world Amber Tamblyn being Moore’s crush and add to the fact that Adam Green hasn’t made a movie I haven’t loved yet so I should get off my white pale ass and watch this soon.


1. Robo Vampire-Look at that god damn cover. JUST FUCKING LOOK AT IT! They have ROBOCOP SHOOTING AT VAMPIRES!! Or something. I’m sure Robocop ISN’T in the movie but this cover is more than enough to get me to watch this damn thing. From what I hear, the entire movie is a giant mess but a fun mess and if you know anything about me, you know I love fun messes.

So what’s on your Netflix queue that you been meaning to get around to? And what do you think of my list? Hmm??




  • Oh man, I love “Legend.” You spend the whole movie wondering how Tim Curry was able to hold up those massive horns.

    It’s interesting to think that this movie might’ve been a hit had it been released just a few weeks later. Instead, it came just before “Top Gun” and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” made it’s two stars big. Remember, Tom Cruise wasn’t really A-list until he was Maverick.

    Anyway, I too have the problem of leaving things on my NetFlix queue for ages.

  • I’ve seen El Topo. My guess is that when you finish it, you’ll wonder why you had it on your list. Then again, you did like Santa Sangre, didn’t you?

  • if you like “Zombie Slumber Party Massacre In The Hood Part 5: In Space” you are gonna _love_ Devil’s Rain!

  • Oh man, you need to see “Spiral.” I saw that a couple years ago and loved it. The Adam Green/Joel David Moore combo is pretty strong.

  • Oh my God, I can’t recommend El Topo and Devil’s Rain highly enough. get on that.

  • Great list, Jason.

    I’ve seen Spiral. I think Nick had suggested it. Not a bad film. Not great but you won’t regret watching it.

    I have too many of my own to mention so I’ll just ask this:

    Is Amber Tamblyn one of the hottest girls in the world? Really?

  • Netflix queues are almost like an archive of shit you thought was interesting at one point but then lost interest or shifted focus. I’m almost positive that Tin Men has been in my queue since the day I joined Netflix 7 years ago.

  • Ridley Scott taking a stab at the fantasy genre was genius. Legend is one of my favorite movies, and most people don’t know about it! Even though it’s visibly aged, it remains one of my favorite fantasy flicks! Hope you like it!

  • I really liked Spiral. Seeing that Moore was in it sold me when I ran across it a while back. Should definitely check that one out.

    Legend has a pretty good following. I know people that just love that movie. As a kid I actually liked it pretty well. But in older years, I just dont find it as being anything special really, though at least worth a watch.

    As for me, I have a TON of movies in my queue that I need to watch. There are currently 329 movies in my instant queue. The problem there is that when I get the urge to watch something, there’s sooo much to choose from that I get discouraged just trying to pick something and spend an hour deciding. Cant even really begin to name all the ones that have been sitting there forever that I need to get to, like Manic, The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari, 8 1/2, Time Bandits, The Secret of Kell and many many more. Just cant even remember what all is in there now lol

    I think next I wanna get around to watching Safety Not Guaranteed though.

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