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There is a fine line between being a collector and a hoarder. The dividing line can be summed up in one word: ORGANIZATION. See, it’s absolutely socially acceptable to collect stacks and piles of your favorite things. So long as you don’t have to move them to get to the receptacle you defecate in or they don’t cause the unfortunate death of dozens of the cats you’ve let take up residence with you.

I am a collector. I can’t help it. Most collectors can’t. Just like hoarders… only organized. Here are my five favorite movie related items to collect:



BILLY MADISON VOICE: IT’S MOVIE MAGAZINE DAY!!!  I guess this isn’t too weird and, no, I don’t keep them all. Just the ones that feature movies I dig or that have really cool covers. I tend to focus primarily on Entertainment Weekly but have others as well. Like the Rolling Stone cover featuring the girls of Sin City or issue #1 of Starburst magazine (from 1977) with Star Wars proudly displayed out front. It’s really no different than cutting out a newspaper article. It’s just a way to capture a moment in time.



This used to rank very high on my list but, alas, you only have so much wall space. I actually own well over 100 posters in tubes. I have about 25 framed (since my old house actually had bigger walls) and around thirteen on display. Not to mention about a dozen other random sized movie themed prints. This is my prize possession. It’s a European print of the Joker from The Dark Knight. People rarely collect these, focusing more on the traditional American 27×40 size theater prints. This is a thinner/taller print. Even fewer have one like this which is actually built into the frame and is a textured print. Very hard to come by!



I started keeping these around 1997. I can’t recall the motivation behind it but sixteen years later, I’m glad I started. We began framing them in a collage form (like this) a few years back. I like hanging on to them because they remind me of special times in my life. Like the birthday where I got drunk, got kicked out of a pizza place and went to see Kick-Ass. Or the time we drove 20 miles to the cheap theater to see one of the last theatrical showings of Fight Club and my car engine blew up and burst into flames on the 405 freeway at 1:30 in the morning. It’s nice to have some help recalling these fun times. The only problem with this collection is you have to be careful. Many tickets will fade over time with exposure to sunlight until they are completely illegible.



I’ll be brief on this one because it’s really just an extension of #1 on this list. I love movie character replicas. It’s my way of having a character or a piece of a movie around me at all times to inspire me or maybe even just make me smile. My statues range anywhere in price from $25 to $500. I like the statues in particular because of the elaborate detail that’s put into the renderings. Though my true collecting passion is…



My love of movies is only surpassed by my love for my wife and kids. It’s only rivaled by my love of toys. I could actually start a whole other blog dedicated to collecting toys. Anyone that knows me knows of this obsession. It began a bit in 1997 and got the burners turned on full blast in 2002. I have somewhere around 1,000 figures currently. All still in their original packaging. Opening them is sacrilegious in my house. I have so many that the collection is displayed much more like a toy store or museum than a passing hobby. I just can’t let that infatuation I had as a kid go.

So, what sort of movie stuff do you like to hoard collect?


  • The ticket stub idea is awesome. I actually do the same with baseball tickets. I’ve held on to every one since 2000. A year ago, I sat down and went through all of them to see the Cardinals’ record in games I’d attended, and it turned out to be almost exactly what their winning percentage was overall. But thumbing through them was a hell of a time.

    I don’t do the movie poster thing but I think that one’s really cool, too. Poster art is awesome and it only looks cooler years and years into the future. Can you imagine if, say, you’d bought a Saul Bass poster in the 50s?

    • I cannot imagine. It would be too cool. I really like some of the newer minimalist artwork they’re doing as well. Trying to get some of that stuff up.

      I also keep my tickets from Sporting Events and concerts as well!

  • I’m a collector and hoarder of the same magnitude/pedigree! I have tons of movie posters, mostly minis I collected from sneak previews. I only have a handful of magazines, but it includes the RS-Sin City you mentioned because I love me some Rosario! I have a lot of DVDs and BluRays and still have a handful of VHS – mainly for sentimental reasons. But like you, my office is nothing but shelves of action figures! I have some I will never open, others that I have. I have the entire World of Simpsons. I always wanted to get into busts and statues, but I just ran out of room! My newest collection are autographs/celeb photo ops since I can keep them organized in books.

    On the hoarder side, I have every movie stub in a shoe box that I always intended to collage. The box also has every concert stub and Chinese fortune I’ve ever gotten too. I always wanted to frame the fortunes – some of them are just awesome. One day…

  • I am right there with you, though my collection is way smaller. People think I am weird because I keep my movie ticket stubs. Glad to see someone else does too!

  • In hindsight how appropriate that your car blew up post Fight Club, way to fight the system!

    So are you living on a giant ranch or something to fit all that stuff in your place?

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