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This list is inspired by the magnificent, incredible, and inspiring Steve Bush, the man behind the man behind the man.  Double down on his music and his greatness.  I do.  Plus I just kinda adore him.  Check Steve Bush of The Bill Shakespeares out at  With plenty of personal challenges this week Steve played and gave me my weeks inspiration on an early Tuesday morning.  Enjoy, challenge, and feel free to add your own.

10. “MAD MAX”

“Mad Max” Rockatansky is the disillusioned reluctant hero, inspired by his own set of morality and quick-fired temperament. He represents a man truly scorned by a cold world, that only has a small part of who he once was remaining and is driven by revenge. Truly wild and enamored by what he’s lost with a volatile temper but a secure sense of right and wrong, he is a formidable foe, that Mel Gibson truly makes come to life. This tells a story, another moment in time in a hero’s life that just happened to be captured along with great action, inventive new fight scenes, invigorating battles, and something altogether new and different in the science fiction genre.


Phil “Duckie” Dale from Pretty In Pink is a fan favorite though it seems painful enough that the nerdy guy that shouldn’t get the girl but should get the girl has to live by the nickname “Duckie”.  For fricks sake even Howard the Duck was called Duckie in a sexier way by Leah Thompson.  Nonetheless got mad love for this character and his less than suave nickname.


“Dirty Harry” Callahan is Clint Eastwood at his very best. Harry Callahan is perhaps one of the toughest character’s ever written. His flawlessly smooth demeanor, and nonchalant indifference to his foes, along with a dry sense of humor make him a classic character in a great action oriented crime flick. His sense of moral for the good, but his own ideals of what rules he should or shouldn’t follow make his character the kind of bad well all love to root for.


Was Verbel Kint his real name, or was Keyser Soze?  Was any of it true?  No one knows other than to say, it was who Kint truly was.  This twisted tale of not knowing is sexy.  The Usual Suspects sends you into a spiral of unknowing, but in the world presented to us and the terror of the man screaming, “KEYSER SOZE” is pretty damn intense.


In Superbad, the story of two high school friends trying to get laid is nothing new, but the friends trying to get booze to get these girls drunk is……….hilarious.  In an effort they recruit their friend Fogell played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse to get a fake ID, and purchase their goodies.  He comes up with the name McLovin and a ridiculous age.

5. “MR. PINK”

Mr. Pink is by far the most notable character from Reservoir Dogs which was a film littered with memorable actors with great performances.  Buscemi as the paranoid, negative, and always resourceful Mr. Pink, who’d rather be Mr. Purple or Mr. White is plain and simply a great character. I think he made it with the diamonds.


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  Kill Bill and the bride take that saying to a new level of complexity.  The Bride played by Uma Thurman is shot in the head and beat to death while pregnant and preparing to marry by The DVAS.  Being a former elite member of the assassin group that left without warning, they made her pay.  She didn’t die, but woke from a coma year later with a vicious life force that no one could stop.  In two different films the Bride destroys all that threatened to destroy her.  Her character required no depth, but the mystery of who she was and how she came to be the ruthless killer she was, is an enigma I rather enjoy.  She fully embodies the ultimate butt kicking kind of girl power and rocks it out with a name like “The Bride”.


“Maverick, what did your parents hate you or something?”  Yeah, his call sign was one no one forgets.  But Lt. Mitchell aka Maverick was probably Tom Cruises most notorious performances to date and certainly Maverick is remembered by that character.


Eddie Adams become the fantastical porn star with the fantastical appendage to make him extraordinarily fantastical in Boogie Nights.  However even though he is epically talented, the world of porn is a not all the glamor that it……….ah………….doesn’t actually seem to withhold, and while the idea of porn star names is fun, the world of pornography is certainly riddled with it’s components of trials.


The self proclaimed “Dude” Jeff Bridges is utter awesomeness.  With lines like “That was very undude” being dropped on a regular basis it’s nearly impossible to not get wrapped up in the strange exchanges the three characters have.  The mere fact that Jeff Bridges character is mistaken for a millionaire is in itself hysterical.  With an already outrageous situation, it only progresses with it’s organized nonsense.

Remember, we here at Man, I Love Films don’t do definitive lists. We do our favorites and we want to hear yours. So, make sure and tell us about them in the comments section below.


  • Great list. I don’t think I have any to add. Maybe Junior in Indiana Jones, but that’s it. The Dude is boss.

    • There were a few I wanted to add from Top Gun like Slider and Goose. I also wanted to add some other characters from Kill Bill, but I gave those that represented best. When I think of movie nicknames “The Dude” is the first that comes to mind! 🙂 Thank you.

  • Great list, Heather. Yep, you can’t go wrong with The Big Lebowski or The Dude!

    I like the inclusion of The Bride – what a cracking name for contract killer!

    Although Steve Buscemi complains about being called Mr. Pink, I still think it is the best name.

    As for some others…I like “Poncho” in Predator!

    • If you’re going to drop Predator onto the list with anything you know I’m going to agree! Thanks Dan!

      • …I started to think about Predator nicknames and could only think of Poncho. When I went to check I noticed they all go by their actual names…boo hoo!

        …but still, what a great film! 🙂

  • Great to see The Dude at number one. No love for a couple of 70’s classics, The Bandit and Rubber Duck from Smokey and the Bandit and Convoy?

    • It’s kinda shameful that I didn’t get Smokey and the Bandit. Major faux pas on my part. I can’t explain why but I had a really hard time brain storming this one. It was such a great idea by Steve, but to come up with good ones on short notice was definitely difficult.

  • Love the list, Heather, especially the inclusion of Duckie. As for Top Gun, you have to go with Maverick, although I always found it … awkward … that the black pilot’s nickname was “Sundown”. Silly ’80s.

    Speaking of the ’80s … my humble addition? Chunk from The Goonies.

    • Chunk is a great one!

      As far as silly 80’s movies go, Top Gun is probably one of the goofiest, but I still love just in a completely different way, I’m more amused than enamored now. DANGER ZONE!

  • Fantastic list! I’ve always had a boner for the nickname “Bull”, so appreciate the list cover image. “You go… we go…..”

    • Thanks Steve, I’ve never personally been a fan of Backdraft, but had to give it a shout out since it was the catalyst of this list! Glad to hear about your boners!

  • STEVE!!!!! you did not just beat me to a “let me go Bull” reference!!! arghhh!! if you only knew how much that line gets thrown around this household!! so random. i also appreciated this pic in the slider! great list heather…we are gonna have so much funsies come february!

  • I don’t think I have a single issue with this list – awesome work, Heather.

    Speaking of Bull, though, that does remind me of one great nickname: from Bull Durham, Tim Robbins’ Ebby Calvin ‘Nuke’ LaLoosh.

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