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After his jokes during the Melancholia reception in which he said he understood Hitler and that his next movie should be The Final Solution, Deadline reports that the Cannes Film Festival has officially considered him “persona non grata” at the festival from here on out.

Jon’s Thoughts: Von Trier is long known to be an instigator and to make some pretty dark jokes, and his rantings about being a Nazi and sort of understanding Hitler were just that: dark jokes. In fact I kind of laughed at them, especially the Final Solution joke. But the point is, this is his schtick and this is what you get when you let Von Trier talk to the press so I’m surprised that the organizers at Cannes didn’t think anything was going to go down. Were the jokes tasteless? Definitely. Should he be banned from the festival as a result? Hell no. They didn’t ban Roman Polanski for things he actually did, mind you. This just proves to me that the Cannes Film Festival is a festival that I would have absolutely no fun at since everyone is wound up tight. And for those of you wondering what he exactly said, here’s video of it courtesy of a different Deadline post; as a bonus, check out the horrified reaction of Kirsten Dunst’s face. If you don’t find the Nazi jokes funny, you’ll at least get some humor out of that.



  • Sounds more like a publicity stunt on the part of the festival more than anything else. They were fine with screening his controversial films in the past, yet one tasteless joke and he is vilified?

    Plus if they were truly horrified, Von Trier would have been kicked out immediately. By calling him “persona non grata”, the festival is basically saying he can hang out in the corner of the party but will not be spoken to or acknowledged.

  • Is it sad that I had to look up what “persona non grata” meant before finishing this post? 🙂

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