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The full-length trailer for Zookeeper, a kids flick starring Kevin James, has been released onto an unsuspecting public this week and it’s a doozy. James stars as a zookeeper (obviously) who tries to win back his former girlfriend (Leslie Bibb) with the help of the animals at the zoo who can apparently talk and know how to woo human women. Fair enough. Check out the trailer below:

Jon’s Thoughts: Words defy. They really do. I’m sure kids may end up liking it and inexplicably making it a success (much like the crap sandwich that was Paul Blart: Mall Cop), but how any person above the age of 10 could watch this trailer and find it amusing and even worse want to spend money on it is completely beyond me. This looks like pure unadulterated torture, torture of the highest magnitude. If this has any sort of dance scene between James and the animals, I’m liable to vomit instantly. But let’s not make my first post here at the M.I.L.F. all negative: Nick Nolte doing the voice of a gorilla could be funny just because his voice sounds like a hobo’s and hobos are always funny. Especially if they’re sad.

Zookeeper opens everywhere July 8, 2011 the same day I plan to develop a drinking problem.


  • So, now that we’ve all seen the commercials. What’s the consensus? Minimum nine Oscars, easy? I know that might be lowballing this film a bit, but I’ll call it being cautious. You hate to over commit with films like this. Critical darlings out of the bat, might lose steam come Oscar time.

    Note: The above comment may or may not be recycled from another film trailer. Univarn – the first ecologically friendly commenter!

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