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Another week and another new batch of sequel news hitting the webs!  Here they are in one article for your entertainment and time management:

New The Dark Knight Rises pics!  Check your mailbox, digital reader or whatever for the newest issue of Entertainment Weekly for some exclusive The Dark Knight Rises pics and news.  In their cover story for the next issue they talk to Director Christopher Nolan and the stars of the film about the highly-anticipated third installment in the Batman series.  In other light news the midnight IMAX screening in Los Angeles and New York have already sold out.  Below are some of the pics from the newest issue that you can pick up on newsstands today, January 13.

Do the pics excite anyone else?  Only 6 months to go…

Avatar 2 won’t hit theaters for about 4 more years.  Not so fast on return flights to Pandora, according to producer Jon Landau.  In an interview with Bleeding Cool while talking about the upcoming rerelease of Titanic in 3D he explained that Avatar 2 won’t be coming out for about 4 years.  So despite rumors of it coming out in 2013-2014, looks like it won’t be until around 2016.  Even still, it’s still a shorter timeframe than Cameron had between Titanic and Avatar.

Thor 2 screenwriter news update!  These seem to come every week.  After finding a director with Alan Taylor after Patty Jenkins left, the script for the sequel has gotten a rewrite thanks to Robert Rodat.  Rodat is better known for Saving Private Ryan and The Patriot, while the original script was done by Don Payne, best known for Fantastic Four:  Rise of the Silver Surfer and My Super Ex-Girlfriend.  So odds are that getting Rodat on board to do a rewrite was probably a good thing.

Tom Hiddleston, who played Loki in the first film, already confirmed that the sequel will begin shooting this summer and Deadline also reports news of this also so it will meet its release date of November 2013.  But with all these different parts being moves around and people being replaced it doesn’t bode well for the film.  Here’s hoping the caliber of talent they’re getting in there will do it well, but the film will definitely be fighting an uphill battle.

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