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I’m thinking this will be a running title when a group of trailers arrives on the interwebs and you just need to be notified of them… plus my brilliant opinions on all of them. I will also include our ranking system of hearts in the same way that we do for reviews… but it’ll be on the quality of the trailer and the likelihood of me going to see it because of said trailer. Cool? Cool.

Let’s kick it off!

Seeking Justice stars MILF-favorite Nicolas Cage, “Mad Men” weak link January Jones, and the always fantastic Guy Pearce. Click on Cage’s awesome goatee to check out the trailer…

Let me clarify my “weak link” comments first about the lovely January Jones. I am a fan of “Mad Men”; I’ve been watching since the beginning and it remains one of the best shows on television, specifically on the acting front. But as the series has continued, Jones has been spotlighted has the worst actress on the show, hands down. She is awful. This was further proven in films like Unknown and one of both mine and Michael’s top-10 flicks of 2011, X-Men: First Class as she appears on screen as the closest thing to a cardboard cutout as there has ever been. And she looks no different here. BUT, Nic Cage and his ever-changing facial hair plus Guy Pearce being all sorts of evil makes this spring release appealing. Probably not opening weekend appealing, but appealing nonetheless…



Jeff, Who Lives at Home stars Jason Segel, Ed Helms, and Susan Sarandon… in a drama? Check out the trailer by clicking on Helms’ awesome goatee…

I am usually a sucker for guys normally adept to comedies showing their serious side. I have seen Segel be serious as a younger actor (“Freaks and Geeks” remains an all-time classic series and he is a big reason for that) and more recently on episodes of “How I Met Your Mother” where a plot sequence required him to be very serious and fight through depression. I don’t think these guys have any trouble being serious at all. Look at this past year, for example… Jonah Hill (Moneyball) and Seth Rogen (50/50) both got praise for their roles that weren’t straight comedy like we’re used to, and Hill even got an Oscar nod! I’m just saying that it’s a good career move to go semi-serious and both Helms and Segel look good in this one.



Project X has only one well-known name attached to it: Todd Phillips, the director of comedy classics like Old School, The Hangover, and Starsky & Hutch (just kidding…). And he’s just a producer here, anyway. Click on that drunk kid’s not-awesome goatee (because he doesn’t have one!) to check out the trailer…

The first trailer for this wasn’t much but party scenes and this second one at least gives us a glimpse into more than just that, along with quotes from advance-screeners (“See, we showed it to humans and they liked it!”)… All in all, I can’t imagine a world in which I go see this movie. I am really hoping for a huge flop here, actually. Why do we need teens (who, let’s face it, are quite stupid) to see an example of an out-of-control party that is going to be glorified and made out to look funny? What are the odds on these kids getting jail time at the end of this film? 50:1? More? If I find out that one of these douchey dudes throwing this shindig gets capped by a Five-O, well, then maybe I’ll consider renting it. But that’s a big if…


Thoughts? You know what to do! Sound off below!

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  • The only one of these I think I’ll check out it Jeff, Who Lives at Home.

    Definitely, agree about January Jones. When Skynet designed her circuitry, they forgot to include the human emotion programming.

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