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Two weeks ago, I gave you the first poster for the upcoming Quentin Tarantino slavery era flick, Django Unchained. It was a cool looking poster but it didn’t give us a look at the characters themselves, which I know I’ve been dying to see.

Well now we have a couple of those…

In the first, we see Leo himself as the plantation owner Calvin Candie. I’m really not sure how you could possibly sell this look… he looks about as villainous as you can get:

And then in the second we get to see both Christoph Waltz and Jamie Foxx, the latter as the title character Django and Waltz as a German bounty hunter named Dr. Schultz. This is just plain awesome…

Um… yes. This looks great. It’s good to see some actual images because the costumes/setting/mood you can gather from these images alone is enough to get you excited for the film’s release.

What about you? Does this increase your excitement for the film or… no, wait, that’s the only option. This either confirms your desire to check out the flick or you aren’t going to see it because you don’t like movies. Those are the only two possible options…


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