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I told you it was coming today, and to be honest, I have been waiting since I woke up this morning to see this in its full glory.

And boy, was it worth it

Holy crap.




  • HOLY!!! FUCKING!!!! SHIT!!!!

    Why September? Why not now? I will gladly trade AVENGERS, DARK KNIGHT, and PROMETHEUS for that!!!

    • I’ll trade THE AVENGERS, but I think I am looking forward to PROMETHEUS and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES just as much.

      Now GRAVITY, on the other hand…

  • Emily Blunt as a blonde. I’d never have pictured it. Huh.

    …oh, yeah, the trailer. Hang on while I go change my drawers.

  • Yea, that looks terrific. Can’t wait. JoGo looks freaky with all them prosthesis and different-colored eyes.

  • Yes, please! As if providing me with Brick wasn’t good enough, now Johnson has added time travel and Bruce Willis to the awesomeness that is Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

  • I watched it, took a bite of my breakfast, then replayed it. Want………………..

  • Looks great. And I’m always a fan of time travel movies so that’s icing on the cake that JGL stars in it 😀

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