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With just over three months remaining until we get to see the finale to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, more info and photos are starting to hit the internets (yes, plural). ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY recently published their Summer Movie Preview and in doing so, brought forth six new images from The Dark Knight Rises. Peep ’em below!

It’s Batman! With an iPad?

I trust Christopher Nolan. This is why Anne Hathaway as Selena Kyle/Catwoman doesn’t bother me. But I’m not ecstatic…

On the other hand, Tom Hardy as Bane is freakin’ awesome. After seeing him dominte Warrior and Inception (he is easily the best part of both movies) I can’t wait to see what he brings to this role. Nolan’s grittiness plus Hardy’s innate bad-assness should produce a villain to rival Ledger’s Joker. Now, about that voice…

Somebody needs a haircut… It is great to see Morgan Freeman back as Lucius Fox. One of the best parts of this trilogy has been the cast. When you have guys like Freeman and Michael Caine in supporting roles, you know you have something special.

This is what I’m talking about, I guess. Is Anne Hathaway sexy enough to be Catwoman?

Look who it is! Joseph Gordon-Levitt is playing a character called John Blake. It might as well have been John Smith, with as hush-hush as Nolan and Co. are being about him. Early rumors had him as the Riddler but that doesn’t really seem like Nolan’s style. Maybe he’s just a good cop that could take over for the most awesome character in Gotham City: Commissioner Gordon!

I couldn’t be more excited for The Dark Knight Rises… and these pictures just make me all the more giddy to check it out. How do you feel? Agree with me on Hathaway? Who could have been an alternative choice?.. Sound off below!


  • I think Jo-Go’s character will assume the mantle of Batman at the end. It’s one of those, the hero dies, but the symbol lives on, type things.

    That’s just a guess.

    Nothing on Marion Cotillard though? Guess they don’t want to fan the all too obvious spoiler about her character.

  • Awesome, awesome, awesome.

    And now, I don’t want to see anything more until I see the movie.

    Well, until the next thing comes along.

    But seriously, I don’t want to see anything more.

    Damn it!!

  • Saying that Hathaway is wrong for the part based on her looks over her talent is totally sexist…

    …is what I’m assuming people would say if news items got a lot of comments on this site. But she doesn’t bother me in the role. I trust Nolan.

  • Making myself unpopular here, but I really, really hate the way that Hathaway’s full costume looks. And Bale’s, too. They’re too busy. I really want to rail on how silly the “cat ears” look, but they at least appear to have some semblance of utility; everything else across both costumes strikes me as being overtextured. Maybe there’s a reason for that; I’ve heard it said that texture reads better on film. Maybe that’s true, but it looks awful in stills.

    Other than that, I really love the shot of Bane, and I strongly suspect that that shot of Batman with the tablet is just him playing Words With Friends with Alec Baldwin. Is JGL doing anything important in this film? Or is he just wandering around looking concerned?

  • After seeing Tom Hardy in Bronson, he’s a cinch for this role.

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