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Sam Raimi–best known for his Evil Dead trilogy and the Spider-Man trilogy–has announced that he will be taking on a producing role for an upcoming reboot/remake/reimagining/restyling/reiteration/overall re-doing of 1982 classic Poltergeist. The film, which is infamously known to be maybe directed by Tobe Hooper but also Steven Spielberg, earned a couple sequels, which weren’t nearly as popular as the original. The films are also infamous for a curse that caused the premature deaths of four cast members (including Heather “Carol Anne” O’Rourke) due to ironically using real corpses as props on the films (I guess nobody read the script).

But now with them starting over, will the curse continue, or will it just fail on its own accord, due to the fact it’s probably going to be another crappy remake? Or do you think Sam Raimi has the strength and vision to guide this franchise to good, new, and/or interesting places?

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