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A match seemingly made in comedy heaven, Admission pits Tina Fey and Paul Rudd together for some good old-fashioned hijinks.

Even though Admission is using that old dramedy angle, it certainly appears to be a bit more of a serious role for Fey, who plays Portia, a Princeton admissions officer who’s forced to confront a painful secret during what initially appears to be a routine recruiting trip. Paul Rudd shows up as an ex-classmate of some kind and the two will undoubtedly have some good moments together…

But what do you think of the whole trailer? I’m not completely sold but I find both of the stars brilliant (except for 30 Rock – I’ve given it several chances it has never grabbed me) so it’s possible this could get a watch out of me. The only question is… will it be a theatrical viewing. I will need more time (and probably more footage) to make that decision…


What about you, though? Do you like the dramedies? And also, how have Rudd and Fey not been in anything together yet?



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