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super bowl

Yesterday was the Super Bowl (didn’t you hear?) and during that beloved event there are always a handful of upcoming movies that premiere a trailer or give us a bit more than has already been given. This year, we got offerings from Star Trek Into Darkness, Iron Man 3, Oz the Great and Powerful, The Lone Ranger, World War Z, and Fast and Furious 6! Check them all out below, plus my always candid responses!

Star Trek Into Darkness

This is my #1 movie for 2013 and every trailer so far has just added excitement. I don’t know how this can fail and I certainly am not predicting that it will. Can’t wait!



Iron Man 3

:30 Spot

Extended Spot

Don’t get me wrong – I’m excited for this. I’m just a bit skeptical right now. I am not the biggest fan of throwing Tony Stark down a rung yet again and watching him fight back up, ESPECIALLY when logically, all he really needs to do to get help would be to hop on the phone and call up Bruce or Cap but whatever, it’s Iron Man, and RDJ is awesome and Shane Black is someone I certainly trust. That Air Force One scene looks like one for the ages, that’s for sure. This should be a fun ride.



The Lone Ranger

I can’t take it anymore. Seriously. This looks horrendous. It’s gonna do decent because of Depp, but it’s going to look like an overall failure in relation to both its budget and all the headaches that came from the production. I just feel bad for Armie Hammer. C’mon dude – make better choices!


Oz the Great and Powerful

I don’t hate on this as much as Lone Ranger but its close. Nothing has drawn me to this, save for the acting talent in it. It looks very very Alice in Wonderlandy and while Sam Raimi is a good filmmaker, one has to recall that he is the man responsible for Spider Man 3. I’m just saying.



World War Z

The only reason to see this is Brad Pitt. The Zombie Ants (because that’s what I’m calling them) are a CGI mess and from what I’m hearing from readers of the book is that it’s going to be near-impossible to make a real story out of it that would fit it for the big screen. I’m pessimistic at best for this.



Fast and Furious 6

Ah… the crème de la crème. This is the first footage we’ve seen of the next in the series of films that I have an unadulterated love for. I’ve forgotten the existence of 2 (Tyrese is fine as a bit player, but as the co-star, he lost me) and 3 (although the unintentional comedy is off the charts) but Fast Five was a fantastic action flick and throwing The Rock full steam into this just makes me giddy. I loved the entire trailer and the reveal of Letty at the end of the trailer actually gave me goosebumps. This is hot on the heels of Star Trek Into Darkness for 2013. This is just pure awesomeness!



There you have it! Hope you enjoyed the trailers!!!

I for one am a bit surprised by the absence of Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, and The Wolverine, but perhaps they wanted to save their money and just promote online…

Let us know what you thought below.

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  • definitely was shocked there was no man of steel, i’m not stoked on wwz either, but i have a feeling people will want to see it.
    oz may look so alice in wonderlandy because joe roth is the producer of both.
    and i agree with you on the lone ranger, i just am not excited about it.
    in reference to the most important part of this article THE RAVENS WON THE SUPERBOWL AHHHHHHH k done.

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