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harrison ford

Yes, you read that correctly.

With all of the rumors abounding that Harrison Ford is going to reappear as his classic Han Solo character in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII, his name is now no longer overlooked when it’s attached to upcoming projects (see: Extraordinary Measures, Morning Glory, Cowboys & Aliens). And now it appears that Indiana Jones himself is going to appear as a Tom Brokaw-esque legendary reporter in Anchorman 2.

Little is known so far about the development of the movie, but we do know that James Marsden is playing a rival reporter to Ron Burgundy and Kristen Wiig is appearing as well, supposedly as Brick Tamland’s wife. All of this is gold, by the way.

Good for Ford for doing this. Good for Adam McKay and Will Ferrell for getting him to agree to do it. And good for us, because we get to see one of the most recognizable stars in Hollywood history have some fun. And I can’t wait for it!

Anchorman 2 hits theaters this December. I’m in line already.


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