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christopher nolan

Let the speculation begin…

The big news today out of Warner Brothers (or, you know, wherever rumors like this spread from) is that Christopher Nolan is coming back to headline the Justice League movie as a producer and possibly bringing back Christian Bale as the Caped Crusader himself.

The rumors began when El Mayimbe over at Latino Review said that Nolan is being discussed as a producer, Zack Snyder as a director the film itself, and that both Bale and Man of Steel‘s Henry Cavill would headline the DC Avengers opposition.

None of this is in stone, certainly, and if I was a betting man (well, would you look at that?!?! I am a betting man!) I’d say that Nolan doesn’t come back to inherit the mess that appears to be the Justice League crap. DON’T ruin the finality of the The Dark Knight trilogy, Nolan! If they want to make the Justice League movie with a new Batman, that’s fine by me. I’ll go see it. But it needs to be a separate entity from Nolan’s universe… or at least that’s how I feel.

Am I alone in this feeling?

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  • I really hope this happens.

    I do not see the Justice League movie debuting in 2015 without a major step in the right direction. Christopher Nolan is that step (along with Bale).

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