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world war z poster 2

The release of the much-anticipated adaptation of Max Brooks’ apocalyptic tale is just a couple months away and  all we have seen thus far is crappy trailers and pictures of Brad Pitt’s long hair. It’s been bad. So to say this trailer here is an upgrade is not saying a whole helluva lot… but I am saying that, at least:

I mean, the zombies are rough. Still. I’m half convinced that they’re fire ants and the world is getting taken over residents of a very large mound of dirt. But this trailer DOES give us a couple cool shots and the airplane looks pretty intense HOWEVER we are going to get a guaranteed much better airplane scene a month prior when Iron Man 3 hits theaters.

I’m not nearly close to being sold but I am higher on the interested scaled than I was before I saw this trailer… so it’s got that going for it… which is nice.


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