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Spike Lee’s remake of the very popular Park Chan-Wook 2003 film of the same name is due out in October and we are just getting the first glimpse of what to expect. The first trailer is due out in the middle of the week so in anticipation of this, the first poster has been released.

One interesting fact that I learned was not only that this actually a glorified still from the film (meaning, it’s a bit more on the “live” side than a normal poster that’s created just to promote the film) but that the title of the film is written in Brolin’s own handwriting, as his character in the film.

It’s an interesting poster and for someone who hasn’t seen the original, it inspires some curiosity to be sure. I plan on checking out the original sometime before the original and I look forward to checking out the differences between that film and Spike Lee’s version of it.

You can check out the poster below…

oldboy poster


  • I can’t believe this movie still hasn’t come out. I feel like we’ve been talking about it for years now.

  • This poster makes the movie look really goofy. I mean, I know it’s not gonna be, but still. It looks like he ended up in there after a night of hard drinking and not years of imprisonment!

  • Interesting it’s not “A Spike Lee Joint” but a Spike Lee “Film”

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