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First, Seth Macfarlane debuted seven character posters for his new comedic undertaking (which you can see here very soon, but there’s the one for the film itself up there). Then he gives us a red-band trailer. I guess the next step is NON-STOP TV SPOTS like we got for Ted. Seriously, do you remember how Ted was goddamn everywhere? Get ready for that all over again…

Anyway, here’s the trailer… and coming from someone who hated Ted (if you hadn’t figured that out yet), this isn’t as bad as I had originally thought:

So I hated Ted. You know this. So I was predisposed to think this looked like crap. Then he brings out Liam Neeson as a killer outlaw and I’m excited. Then Charlize Theron being funny, which is a nice change of pace for her as well. Then even the slightest glimpse of the one and only NPH and I start to think I might need to give ol’ “Family Guy” another chance.

But I just didn’t laugh that much.

If these are supposed to be the “trailer laughs” that drive me into the theater, then I won’t be going. If there is more to it and it’s more than just gory deaths played for laughs and Seth “acting” then I’ll consider it. But if it’s as it appears then I might save my $15 this summer and wait to throw it on while I’m writing about the trailer for his next film… because we all know this is gonna make a shit-ton of money. Awesome.


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