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Typically movie websites focus on the biggest releases and biggest directors.  And that makes sense both in terms of audience interest and frankly what is going to generate the most clicks.  However, every once in a while it’s nice to stop and applaud when a smaller studio does well.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, A24, a small production and distribution company received a $50 million credit line from Comerica and Union Bank of California.  The money will allow A24 to keep doing what it’s doing.

And what is it doing? Producing some of the most interesting and talked about indie films of the last couple of years.  A24 is the studio behind Locke and Enemy and The Rover this year.  There biggest hit to date was the crazy James Franco vehicle Spring Breakers.  They’re a studio that takes chances.

Of course $50 million dollars will barely get Robert Downey, Jr. out of his trailer these days.  But for a studio like A24, these little infusions of cash are critical.  And they can do more with $2 million than most can do with 20 times that.


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