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Because I like to be honest with my readers (the 2 of you that read this portion of the site), I’m going to let you know right here that I seen this movie a few months ago and a lot of details are sketchy in my head. I’m doing this review cause I have a lot going on this month and I didn’t have time to watch a new movie, and I didn’t want to do another rerun. So…The Signal.

The Signal is an anthology film, of sorts. I’ve learned that not everybody knows what an anthology film is. An anthology film is a movie that tells several small stories in the length of a movie. Examples include Creepshow, Trilogy of Terror, & Twilight Zone: The Movie. I fucking love anthology films cause they get to the point right away. Fuck character development.

Anyway, this film only tells three stories, but they all involve the same set of characters and they happen on the same day. The set up is hard to explain, along with the ending so here’s the middle:

The Ryan Reynolds guy shows up and-

Ok, I need the set up.

The film starts with a chick getting dressed after fucking a dude. The chick is married but not to the dude, to another guy who looks like Ryan Reynolds. The dude wants her to leave Ryan Reynolds, and she thinks about it. While this is happening, the TV is interrupted by a strange signal. The screen turns white with some trippy colors and there’s a constant beep.

The chick goes home and story one begins. As she’s walking home, she notices people are acting strange. People are attacking other people randomly. She doesn’t think anything about this cause, I guess like me, she lived in Gary, Indiana for a few years. I’m guessing on that.

She arrives home to find Ryan Reynolds home and two of his friends there. I should point out it’s suppose to be 1 in the morning but all three of them want to watch some baseball game. They can’t fix the TV, which means Ryan Reynolds have been staring at the signal for a long time.

Ryan Reynolds suspects the wife of cheating but doesn’t say anything about it right away. Soon, he gets super pissed off and starts beating one friend to death. While freaking out, the wife runs out to find all the apartment tenants beating each other to death. She locks herself in a dead person’s apartment until morning.

The next morning, she finds a shitload of dead people and Ryan Reynolds tied up to a chair. The remaining friend still alive did it and wants to get the fuck out of there. The wife agrees and they leave Ryan Reynolds behind.

While trying to leave, they get attacked, but the friend, who’s new weapon of choice is duct tape, attacks all the crazy people. They find out the signal is coming through the radio too and the friend goes crazy, so the wife crashes the car and walks away.

Story two starts up and this is probably my favorite part of the whole movie. We’re introduced to a new couple. New wife is throwing a New Years party (oh right, this all takes place on New Years Eve) and is waiting for guests. New husband has gone crazy and attacks the wife, when the landlord shows up and kills him.

It’s hard to talk about but this part plays out like a dark comedy. Eventually, Ryan Reynolds shows up and starts acting weird. The new wife starts seeing things because she too has been listening to the signal for too long, so now Ryan Reynolds and the landlord need to deal with this, before Ryan Reynolds goes MORE crazy and starts spraying people with bug spray (he’s an exterminator).

Story three starts up and it’s the most confusing story. It deals with Ryan Reynolds looking for his wife, while the wife looks for the guy she fucked at the beginning. The guy showed up at the apartment, untied Ryan Reynolds, then gets attacked by him. The guy is ok and he finds out where the wife is going to meet him. The guy teams up with the landlord to save her, but Ryan Reynolds follows.

Then…I don’t fucking know. She’s there, she’s not there, she’s dead, she’s not dead. I think Ryan Reynolds really wasn’t her husband. I really don’t fucking know. The last 20 minutes will leave you going “…HUH?!?!” and you’ll probably want to throw something at your screen.

I’m going to recommend this to people who like zombie movies but are tired of actual zombies. This whole thing plays out LIKE a zombie movie. And the signal is never explained, which I actually like. Maybe there’ll be a sequel, who knows. And for the record, the guy is NOT Ryan Reynolds, he just looked like him.




  • I saw this a while back and, yeah… it’s pretty strange. The three segments are very different in feel, and it really throws you off sometimes.

  • I LOVE this film. But it’s NOT an anthology. It’s one fluent story but each guy in the film wrote a different section so the tone for each changes.
    NOT an anthology!

    • Hmm I beg to differ. It is an anthology film. Each part tells a different story, making it an anthology film. It’s like in “Four Rooms”. That was an anthology film, but it focused on the same place with the same character in each story.

      • Hmmm, I beg to differ. It was nothing like Creepshow or Four Rooms. 🙂

        • Actually, I see why you’re saying what you’re saying but I don’t like putting it in the same category as those films or even Trick R Treat. But I will agree to disagree.

          • Actually, I’m partly with Kai on this one. It’s not really an Anthology considering it is one long story, just from different perspectives. They do all tie together, though. However, I *would* put it in the same category as Trick R Treat, because it’s pretty close to the same thing.

  • We read you Jason! I love your straight forward spoiler ridden reviews. It’s a nice change of pace and they always make me laugh. I’ve even watched a few after reading you. Keep em comin!
    Is this the one they’ve been playing on showtime recently? Maybe I’ll check it out…

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