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Ahh…the found footage film. Always a horror film. How funny would it be if there was a found footage film and it was a comedy? Oh wait a minute, WE HAD ONE OF THOSE OH SHIT!  But thanks to The Blair Witch Project and more recently Paranormal Activity, a whole slew of “found footage” horror films have been showing up. Before you know it, they’ll become as frequent as zombie films.

Atrocious is from Mexico and it’s pretty much Blair Witch meets Paranormal Activity if someone said “Hey let’s take the slow boring parts from both movies and make it OUR ENTIRE MOVIE! Now, where’s my cocaine?!”

Like all found footage movies, we get the THIS IS OFFICIAL EVIDENCE label at the beginning, then the movie starts. We follow Cristian and Julie/July (The subtitles call her July, but the family calls her Julie, so whatever) as they go to their mother’s childhood home for a vacation. They also heard about this local legend about a ghost child, a girl, who’ll show up if you get lost in this maze and will either help you or kill you, depending on who’s telling the story.

The story intrigues Cristian, so he takes two video cameras and makes Julie help film. So that’s a great set up. Former family home, a creepy legend, and a ghost. So what does the movie focus on? Filming the family play games, looking at trees, and I’m not even fucking kidding about this, WATCHING A GOD DAMN MOVIE!! I mean, jesus, who wants to watch people watch movies? Huh?

Cristian finds this labyrinth (Sorry Heather, no David Bowie in a cod piece here) next to the house and he and Julie go investigate it. Half the movie is them investigating this with nothing to show for it. This would’ve been a good time to have some mild creepy things happen, like things moving or maybe the image of a girl. Something.

Something finally happens around Day 3 when the dog goes missing and they find his dead body down a well. Dad also disappears, but Mom explains this saying he had to go back to work. Cristian and Julie don’t wanna tell their younger brother Jose about the dog, so they keep it quiet until they can figure out what to do.

Then Jose goes missing. And it’s dark outside. And here is where my tolerance for this movie starts to sink because we spend, literally, 20 minutes roaming around this maze, in the dark but with the night vision on. It was like Paris Hilton’s nightmare was coming to life or something.

Of course, Julie gets lost but Cristian finds her tied to a post and bleeding. Cristian frees her and they eventually find their way back home. So now I’m like “Ok so when do we see this god damn ghost? They better show the ghost” and I got to thinking “Oh shit, we never saw the ghost in Blair Witch or really Paranormal Activity so what was I so anxious for?”

I think the difference was the mood and setting. In both those movies, they set up the mood and the tension very well so it made you uneasy, so when something opened by itself, you freaked out. Here, Cee-Lo could’ve came out naked and I would’ve been “Oh, ok. Sure.”

Anyway, SURPRISE AND SPOILER ALERT…..there is no ghost. It’s actually the Mother. She’s bat shit insane. She killed the father, the dog, Jose, and eventually Julie and Cristian. Why? They kinda explain it but yet they don’t. I guess after Julie was born, she got pregnant again but lost that baby so she went nuts for awhile. I guess she got better and then had Jose. Or he was adopted. Actually, none of this makes sense. Just…the mom is crazy. The end.

This movie is boring as fuck and is so tension free I could’ve performed brain surgery ON MYSELF and not missed a step. Just avoid this movie at all costs. Oh and Mrs. Dylan Fields, if you’re reading this, DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE! You will throw up within the first two minutes.



  • Yep I agree, piss-poor movie but not as bad as The St. Francisville Experiment or La Casa Muda which are along similar lines. On the other hand another similar film I watched yesterday, Paranormal Entity 2 a.k.a Gacy House was actually ok.

  • I love them all ! I wish I could see it on the big seercn but there are no amc theaters in New Mexico. I am watching it right now on channel G4 though.

  • You are so right ! This movie really sucks! Just a tiny correction…its from Spain and not Mexico. Regards !

  • coudnt agree more. i just watched this boring boring boring movie and looked online…

    your review is spot on.

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