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A dude and his hot (Yes Dylan I said it) girlfriend are having a ghost problem, so they film it. Some spooky shit happens and the hot girlfriend ends up getting possessed. Then the hot girlfriend’s sister and her family start having ghost problems and it’s revealed this is BEFORE the dude’s ghost problem. The sister’s son gets kidnapped by the hot girlfriend. Then we go back to the ’80’s and find out this WHOLE thing started due to a ghost named Toby that seems to be following this family around. But what happened to the hot girlfriend and the kid? That brings us to…PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4!

THIS time around, all the footage is from webcams and cellphones. There’s not a whole lot of story in this movie so I’m gonna spend some time asking questions.

1. To all you Mac users, do you really leave your computers on all the time, even when you don’t use them?

2. Can you really record anything through the webcam without you knowing it?

3. If you film the X-Box Kinect thing in night vision, does it look like One Night in Paris meets Star Wars?

4. Why the hell does a 15-year-old girl look like a 11-year-old but a 15-year-old boy looks like at 21-year-old?

5. If you killed a bunch of people in California, wouldn’t you go further than Nevada?

Ok that’s all I got so far. So the story revolves around a random family in Nevada somewhere and they live across the street from “a creepy lady and her son”. GOSH WHO COULD THEY BE?!? The son is named Robbie and the main girl named Alex finds him creepy. So of course something happens to the “creepy lady” and Robbie has to stay with the family.

Alex and her too old boyfriend set up laptops all over the house to record all these strange things that’s started happening since Robbie showed up, like things moving on their own and chandeliers falling down. And at different points, Alex catches strange figures in the background of all these videos.

Robbie sort of starts making the younger brother in this family, named Wyatt, act weird as well and soon both of them are talking to thin air. Then we get a plot twist. SPOILER ALERT!!!!

Wyatt is actually Hunter from the second film. OK… I thought Robbie was going to be Hunter. If Wyatt is Hunter, who the fuck is Robbie suppose to be? Oddly enough, when this twist is revealed, Robbie more or less disappears. Anyway, of course the creepy lady ends up being Katie and she’s still acting all super possessed.

I won’t ruin the last 15 minutes cause honestly, it’s the best part of the movie. The movie was a bit slow at times but sometimes I dug the suspense throughout the movie. Especially the scene with the knife. That’s all I’ll say. The boyfriend was mildly obnoxious and really, I don’t think that’s how laptops work. I work for a company that sells them, I should know. But then again apparently Mac’s are what Jesus would use so fuck me, right?

In comparison to the last three movies, this movie wasn’t any better. It was probably on par with Part 2. But I’m guessing if you’re watching Part 4 in a series, you’re pretty invested into the whole thing by now and probably don’t really care if it’s that good or not. I guess they’re making a Part 5, which hopefully will explain some shit. I guess I’m saying only watch this if you really are a fan of the series, which I am. Otherwise, I don’t wanna hear any complaints.




  • Oh man, you were FAR too gracious to this movie. It’s pretty terrible, and I have seen all the other movies. It’s not scary or suspenseful in the slightest. NOTHING makes ANY sense with how it’s recorded. It’s so forced (though, yes, the Kinect can actually do that). The parents are morons. The only good thing about this movie is that the main two characters are probably the best main characters in the entire series thus far. But that’s about it.

    Actually, you should watch the midnight review from Brad Jones and friends… it’s really funny and gives off a lot of reasons why this movie isn’t good (from both perspectives–people who like and hate the franchise). http://thecinemasnob.com/2012/10/19/midnight-screening-paranormal-activity-4.aspx

    • Ok so we’re gonna have a thing again where people slam the 4th in a series just because it’s the 4th? I didn’t see anything different in this movie than I have in the other 3. I admitted it didn’t do anything new and felt like part 2 but with MAC’s! I also called bullshit on MAC’s recording a billion hours of footage but then again we have to believe VHS and DV tapes can record for a billion hours without running out so what’s the difference?

      The parents were such secondary characters that them being moronic didn’t matter. In fact, a lot of movies (mainly horror) features the teenagers knowing what’s going on and the parents not believing them or just being clueless.

      You had to give it up to the kids though, they were pretty good at being creepy. And my girl Katie…yeah.

      Anyway, I don’t get all the hate for THIS movie. I will have to check out that video when I have time.

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