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When I saw Grave Encounters, I fuckin’ loved it. There were some people out there who didn’t for whatever reason. But my reason for liking it was it was actually creepy and scary. I heard they were making a sequel and I couldn’t wait to see what they had in store.

The premise of the sequel is the same as The Blair Witch Project sequel and to some extent The Human Centipede 2 in that the prior movies were just that: movies. And we begin with several online movie bloggers and vlog reviewers talking about how great or how stupid Grave Encounters is. We eventually focus on Alex, a film student, who wasn’t a fan of the movie. He’s roommates with a guy named Trevor, who is your typical frat boy douchebag.

Alex is a hardcore horror fan and wants to make the PERFECT horror film. The one he’s making…isn’t all that good to be honest. It follows every cliche: a teenage couple necking in the woods, the boy getting decapitated, and the girl getting held hostage by a guy in a gimp mask. I’m not sure what was suppose to be so “different” about this movie but I would’ve gave it one star, two if I was generous, or if the main chick showed her tits.

FYI, there’s no tits in Grave Encounters 1 or 2, despite this film featuring a lesbian character. Oh well.

Anyway, Alex is starting to feel the same way and wants to make a better film. At the same time, he starts noticing things about the film Grave Encounters, like how none of the people in the movie starred in other films. Turns out they all went missing. Alex finds all this interesting and flies out to L.A to talk to the films producer. He tells Alex that the movie actually happened, like for REAL actually happened and all the people are really dead.

Alex decides to get to the bottom of this and go to where they filmed the movie and look around himself. He takes Trevor, the girl Alex is kinda dating named Jen, the hot lesbian, and a camera guy who’s name isn’t important to the asylum. At first, a security guard shows up and tells them to go away. But they return later at night, manage to break in, and try to communicate with the spirit world. At first no ghosts talk but then they find a Ouija board and manage to talk to a spirit who manages to freak everybody out.

Then all the face morphing ghosts show up. What’s interesting is this time, because it is a sequel, they gave us MORE of the ghosts and demons chasing them. And it was all very creepy. They run all around the asylum, the camera guy and the lesbian chick is killed in gruesome ways, and then they meet somebody: LANCE! From the first film! He’s been living in this asylum since his adventures in the first film.

And then they tell us that it was 10 years ago that Lance and his crew went missing. Wait…what? That was suppose to be in 2002? I don’t recall that at all. Especially since a lot of ghost hunting shows didn’t exist then. I have no idea why they included this information other than to make Lance a sympathetic character but whatever.

Lance learned all the secrets of the building, like how it seems to move around or cause hallways to vanish. There’s even a short bit that tricks them. I won’t get into what exactly cause it was a neat bit. Anyway, Lance tells them they can leave the building if they manage to get this freestanding door open but they need bolt cutters. When Lance grabs the bolt cutters, he goes crazy.

And I’ll stop there because I think this movie was semi-decent. There were parts towards the end that’ll make you go “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!” but overall it was a good movie. If you were a fan of the first one, I say give this one a shot. I liked Alex and his company and was rooting for them. The twist ending you KINDA can see coming but some people might be surprised. I tell you one thing though, I’m NEVER EVER EVER gonna start looking into any conspiracy theories behind any films.



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