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Leah Thompson and Judd Nelson in a movie together? What is this? 1980? It could be. Thompson does have access to a Delorean with a flux capacitor. Here’s the details on this one:

MAYOR CUPCAKE – USA, 2011, 86 min
A hard-working cupcake maker is inadvertently elected mayor of a small town burdened with debt. Uneducated, she relies on her street smarts to clean up the town.

It makes sense that in the same night I see my favorite film of the fest, I also see arguably the worst. I have to admit that this one bummed me out hard. I was expecting something like Waitress with Judd Nelson but didn’t get it. Though I’m not sure “bad” is the right term. The film was shot well, the actors do serviceable jobs, the story is coherent. The problem was that the film wasn’t a feature… or shouldn’t have been. A couple we met in a screening before it said it played like an after school special. That’s also not entirely accurate. To me, it played like a TV movie you’d see on ABC Family or the Hallmark channel.

Thompson plays a cupcake maker at a local diner who’s married, with three kids, to Nelson’s town cop. Her middle daughter signs her up to run for mayor. She loses, but when the winner dies, choking on one of her cupcakes no less, she gets the position by default. She ends up getting the town out of debt and fixing everybody’s problems and being signed up to run for governor. That’s how the film ends.

Judd Nelson, my idol, is severely under used. I don’t even think he speaks for the first twenty minutes of the film. He gets a couple choice lines and plays them with that cool style that is all his own but is able to do little else. The three daughters are almost unnecessary. The middle child is there to be the one who signs her up for the job. The youngest is there to, I don’t know, kick field goals and show what good parents they are, I suppose. The oldest child, who’s in a band, is there to play a cover of Don’t You Forget about Me… from The Breakfast Club… which starred Judd Nelson… I know, right?

I don’t really know what else to tell you other than I do think this film inspired a future list out of me so that’s a positive. Though, this is the best rating I can give the film…


You can see the trailer for this film by clicking here!!!


  • Haha…can’t wait for that list.

    Judd Nelson your hero? Dalton would cry if pain hurt.

    I love that you put the trailer link after bashing it, pretty much. Yeah, I totally want to watch it NOW!

    This sounds to me like it was spawned after Sarah Palin rose to fame.

  • Absolutely. And, yes, my idol… in real life. Dalton is ficticious idol. You know he’s not real, right?
    0.788888854+-*91 – my dog wrote that!

  • ahhh, rippers…so cute…yeah, sorry…this was my choice, too…(i think)
    judd nelson did play a mean harmonica in the film…that’s worth mentioning…but no fist pump:(

    • also, it wasn’t that bad…but in comparison to some of the other films we saw at the fest, yes, your rating is fair…

      i guess the thing that was most distracting, was that so many were shot like a tv movie..it was hard, at times, to look past that…i would rather see a poorly shot film at an indie fest than one that resembled something from television…i dunno…i’m not too hip to the equipment, so i’m not sure what makes the difference…hmmm…

  • Thanks for the warning.

    Kai: What do you think of Cabin by the lake? It doesn’t get more awesome Judd Nelson style than that.

  • Judd Nelson is my hero, too! Love him!

  • Yeah, I reviewed this one too, and I think the filmmaker’s were really trying to create a Palin-esque flick about how women shouldn’t really run for office, but if they did they’d make everything perfect. I also think they hated Judd Nelson, but that can go either way.

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