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I guess I have to put this at the beginning otherwise no one will read this. (ahem) THERE WILL BE NO SPOILERS FOR THIS REVIEW! THIS IS JUST GOING TO BE THE BASIC PLOT AND MY THOUGHTS AND THAT’S IT. Thank you.

It’s October so that means one thing: time for another week of sleepless nights for me. Ok, it’s not THAT bad. But the past two October’s, I’ve seen the Paranormal Activity films opening night in theaters and both times, I was just freaked out enough to lay awake at night, staring at my bedroom door, wondering what I would do if it opened on its own. Then I wondered if I could jump from a two-story window without killing myself. I guess we’ll find out this week cause I just came back from seeing Paranormal Activity 3.

The set up is more or less the same as the other movies. Ghost. Weird shit. House. Boo. But this time it’s 1988 and they did a good job of making it seem like 1988, with two notable exceptions that I’ll get into in a minute. I was even impressed with the cameras used because the first camera I had was my grandfather’s old video camera that he actually bought in 1988. Man, that thing was HEAVY.

Anyway, the movie. We focus on Katie and Kristi’s Mom Julie and her boyfriend Dennis. Dennis is a wedding videographer so he has a lot of video cameras lying around. Kristi, who is the youngest, keeps talking about having this imaginary friend named Toby. When Dennis sees something weird on some footage he shot, he decides to investigate by setting up cameras throughout the house.

The casting for this movie was pretty spot on. The chick who plays Julie could easily be Adult Katie’s mom, so much so I thought it actually WAS Katie playing the Mom role, until the movie actually got going and I realized Julie isn’t quite so, uh, busty. Not that she has a problem in the body area. Rawr.

(Can’t wait to get into THAT argument with Dylan.)

So my two problems is with Dennis’ friend Randall and Julie’s choice of fashion. Randall looks like a 2011 hipster so unless there’s a time travel plot that was ignored, he stuck out like a sore thumb. And Julie is wearing “jeggings”. If you don’t know what that is, look it up. But they didn’t exist in 1988.

Besides that, this movie was pretty fucking creepy. They annoyed me with a bunch of lame jump scares but then shit starts getting good and they amp it up a bit. The real scares are good and honestly, this ghost seems to have a kitchen fetish. We get a little bit more backstory on what was haunting the sisters in the previous films but don’t leave expecting all the answers. I’m pretty certain there’s gonna be a Part 4.

My thoughts is it’s just as good as Part 2, maybe even a bit scarier. Maybe if there is a Part 4, it will be so fucking terrifying I’ll actually have nightmares and start wetting the bed. And instead of my insomnia lasting a week, it’ll last a whole month.

If you’re a fan of the first two, definitely check out Part 3.




  • I did have to suspend my disbelief just a small bit for a few situations (same for PA2) but overall I liked it. It’s similar to the first 2 but different enough to justify price of admission. I was impressed with some of the techniques they used for filming too.

    I also totally agree that the casting was really great. I thought the same thing about the mom, but the more the film went on I thought she slightly resembled Zooey Deschanel for some reason (probably the hair.)

    • Man, I’m getting a lot of Zooey comparisons this week. I did like the new technique they came up with for PA3, considering it was 1988, I just didn’t know how to mention it without spoiling the movie.

  • You’ve got me curious, but probably not enough to see in theaters, especially since I’m a bit behind on flicks that I really want to see.

    My biggest issue with these PA sequels is that they seem to play out a bit too similarly, though I know from our Hangover talks that you don’t have nearly the problem with that that I do.

    • From what I’ve read, they tried not to have this one follow the formula of the other two. But I haven’t seen it yet, so I can’t verify that.

  • You’ve sold me. I think I was sold already, but still. I’ll watch the 2nd one this weekend, and then if I can trick someone into giving me 10 bucks, I’ll go see it in theaters.

  • Saw it. Not as good as Part 2 (and Part 2 is only really good in the last 20 minutes). It has some good moments and some inventive ideas… and I loved Dennis and Randy both. But on the whole… really not all that scary.

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