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Realizing they have acquired an extremely hot franchise in Star Wars, Disney is seeking to immediately do right by the property and give fans a special holiday treat. It has recently been revealed that the Star Wars Ugnaught Holiday Special will be on sci-fi nerds plates next to their turkey on Thanksgiving. President of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy commented on why it was necessary to start churning out something immediately for hungry fans. “We realize that George has just royally screwed up this franchise,” said Kennedy. “We’re going to rectify that rest assured, and we feel a holiday special featuring those loveable Ugnaughts is a step in the right direction.”


Kennedy: “we’re aware George screwed it all up”

More Star Wars is always a good thing, and Man I Love Funny was able to ask Kennedy what fans can expect from the holiday special. “Basically it will be about how chief Ugnaught Scratchy and his wife Clamlip celebrate with their family what they call Bloat Day,” the Lucasfilm president explained. “It’s going to kind of play out like a variety show so expect some comedy and musical numbers to be mixed in with the typical Star Wars action.” Kennedy was extremely excited to get Carrie Fisher on board to sing a song about Ugnaught Bloat Day for the special. “Queen Leia’s sexy slave girl days may be long over,” Kennedy said bluntly. “But just wait till you hear her sing!”

Scratchy and Clamlip prepare the carbon chamber room for the Bloat Day feast

her sexy slave girl days may be over, but Queen Leia’s Bloat Day song will be totally fab!

It may be a few years till fans get Episode VII, but hopefully this will whet their appetites. Man I Love Funny is confident that the franchise is in good hands. After all, everyone loves a good holiday special right?

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  • Ah, yes. It’s just a month away from the time of year when I bust out my copy of everyone’s favorite Life Day special, starring Bea Arthur.

    • Perhaps Disney will get that released to the home video markets at some point! How glorious is that special?

  • What channel will it be coming on?

    • the Disney channel of course!

      • are you sure, the last holiday special came on cbs. I’m not trying to be rude or anything I just don’t wanna miss it.