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And now we have further proof.

In a Razzie first, the award-to-end-all-awards (for some) show that honors the WORST in movies, a film won not just a couple of awards, but it won them all. Every. Single. One.

The shit-show that was Jack and Jill took home all ten awards given out yesterday, which was also April Fools Day (another first for the awards – normally they’re held the day before the Oscars). In the 32 years that the awards have been held, this is the first time that a film took home every award (even though I feel it’s a bit of a stretch on a couple – including Spade for Best Supporting Actress – but really, who am I to support such shlock?). Congratulations to all who were involved in dumbing down our nation’s youth (someone had to see it – the film did make $74 million somehow)! Here are the results:

Worst Picture: Jack and Jill

Worst Actor: Adam Sandler (Jack and Jill)

Worst Actress: Adam Sandler (Jack and Jill)

Worst Supporting Actor: Al Pacino (Jack and Jill)

Worst Supporting Actress: David Spade (in drag, apparently, in Jack and Jill)

Worst Screen Ensemble: Jack and Jill

Worst Director: Dennis Dugan (Jack and Jill)

Worst Screen Couple: Adam Sandler and everyone else he appears next to in Jack and Jill

Worst Screenplay: Jack and Jill

Worst Remake/Rip-off/Sequel: Jack and Jill (a bit of a stretch, but they’re saying rip-off of an Ed Wood movie called Glen or Glenda)


Personally I think that the bigger feat was not just in winning all of the awards but instead beating out the likes of Twilight, Transformers, and Bucky Larson! Either way, I think we all can say that this was well deserved and I am hoping that at some point Sandler realizes that everyone would much rather mock him for his nonsense than pay to see anything he creates.

But what about you? Do you think Jack and Jill deserved to win all the Razzies? Do you even care about the Razzies? Let us know what you think…



  • “I am hoping that at some point Sandler realizes that everyone would much rather mock him for his nonsense than pay to see anything he creates.”

    Sadly, the fact that Jack and Jill brought in $74 million indicates that there are a lot of people willing to pay to see anything he creates.

    The only good thing here is that the film was budgeted at $79 million.

  • Not only did I think it was deserving but it’s also an indication that Sandler just doesn’t have it anymore.

    I had the unfortunate experience seeing the trailer for his next movie, “I Hate You Dad” or whatever it was called. The stupidity of it as well as the endless cameos from his buddies and willingness to cater to frat boys by having hot women in skimpy clothing around him for a softball game really offended me. It seems like he’s not even trying anymore to really make a great comedy. He’s become more about products, boobs, sentimental storylines, and cheap laughs.

    It’s as if he’s no longer interested in making a movie but rather play exaggerated versions of himself for lots of money and just do this and then do another version of this gag and repeat, do this again but with boobs, and add a moment to try and manipulate the audience. It just reminds me of those awful Friedberg/Seltzer parody films that are so bad and so unimaginative, they’re not even worthy to be called a bad movie. There’s no heart to those films. I’m just offended by the lack of work that goes into making these pieces of shit things that isn’t worthy enough to even be called a film or movie. Just a bad exercise in making garbage.

  • A) The Lammies lose some of their luster by moving back to April Fools Day. If they continued to precede the Oscars, theyd be a lot more topical

    B) Jack and Jill was a horrifying train wreck. But it looked like “Citizen Kane” next to Bucky Larson.

  • I didn’t see the movie, but seeing as the trailer was the worst couple minutes I’ve experienced since I don’t know when, I think the Razzie wins were well earned.

  • Adam Sandler was in one of the best films ever, Punch-Drunk Love. That being said, I have no desire to see any other film he’s been in.

  • God, I just recently saw the trailer for ‘That’s My Boy’. It just isn’t funny. There’s nothing funny about the premise, the jokes or the execution. I could feel my IQ going down even as I watched that freakin’ thing. Shame that Samberg is anywhere near it, because he can be quite funny.

  • I want Opera Man Sandler back from the SNL days…

  • There are definitely worse movies out there, but this is a deserved win because we all know he can do better if he wanted to. Instead…Jack and Jill.

  • sandler is poop humour pure and simple. punch drunk love was the only thing redeemable ever…awesome movie. Adam sandler eats poop, he sleeps in poop, his shoes are made of poop. He has a pool full of poop that he takes his poop stained arms and legs and flogs about in the poop. Seriously look at all his movies are they not about poop. Hitchcock said his movies were love stories disguised as horror films. Sandler movies are comedies disguised as poop movies. every time you see him with a cigar remember it is a poop cigar .

  • Adam Sandler certainly deserved those Razzies as the entire output of Happy Madison has been horrible. 2012 isn’t looking to be a good year for Sandler either – just look at how terribly “That’s My Boy” did.

  • Still puzzling over what cost 79 million in Jack & Jill? Bad wigs probably don’t cost too much…..maybe Pacino demanded some big cash? But yeah…..he ceased to be amusing long ago and needs some more creative input for his projects……a lot more.

  • “Man, I Love Films – ADAM SANDLER SUCKS” was in fact a pretty great article, .
    Continue posting and I’ll keep reading! Many thanks -Tommy

  • Adam Sandler just has a damn depressing look about him. Plain and simple. Lines by his mouth make me depressed. Kinda like Bruce Springsteen.