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For those of you that don’t know, my partner (and Co-Founder of the site) Dylan Fields came out to California this last weekend to attend his first San Diego Comic-Con. For me, it was number eight or nine. We had talked about covering the event for the site but thought that he should come out and get a feel for the event first. Our goal is to try and cover it next year. While we didn’t sit through the butt-numb-a-thon that is “Hall H” this year, to bring you all the breaking news, it doesn’t mean we weren’t active.

We spent the entirety of our time there handing out Man, I Love Films and MILFcast promotional items and documenting the sites and sounds of the event. Below you’ll find a large collection of pics and videos that we took to help try and capture the essence of this crazy fun yearly event. We did this for all of you out there that couldn’t make the mecca. Hope you enjoy it…


While we didn’t hit all the star studded panels, it’s not like there weren’t any celebrities to be seen. Apologies for the quality of some of these. Here’s a few of the celebrities we crossed paths with:

David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff

Bud Bundy (aka: David Faustino)

He’s there every year but it never gets old seeing Lou “Hulk” Ferrigno.

David Boreanaz
(Bones co-star Emily Deschanel was just out of frame)

And, of course, Gene Simmons and his hair!
Gene was plugging his new comic book which starred these guys…

Let’s look at some more costumes as that really is one of the funnest parts of Comic-Con!


For those of you that don’t know what Cosplay is, it’s basically just short for “Costume Play” and there is PLENTY of it at SDCC every year. Here’s some of the stuff that was so good we had to snap pics of it:

The best of the day was easily this Engineer from Prometheus. He actually looked better than the ones in the film and had my partner Dylan a little freaked out. We actually couldn’t figure out if he had made a great costume or was paid to be there.

Check out the video at the bottom of this post to see how creepy this guy was walking around the con!

Dylan and I loved this understated Wolverine.

Though, this guy definitely fit the role a little better.

Still, my favorite was this dude who went old school Weapon X!

Got a kick out of this fresh take on good old Indiana Jones.


Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Star Wars was, of course, everywhere but we loved this X-Wing pilot…

…and this group of hall of fame bad guys!

This Earthworm Jim gets the “underappreciated” and “originality” awards. Plus, he let me hold his gun!

These guys were paid to do the photo op but, while Loki was okay, this RDJ impersonator was pretty awesome.

So good, in fact, I’ll give you two!

These kids were just awesome!!!

Sad Batman!

I didn’t want to bother The Dark Knight while he was having a sandwich but had to get a pic with him.

No, that’s not me… as far as you know.

One of many Wonder Women cruising around the convention center.

Casual Friday on the Deathstar!

This Loki was a fan of the MILFcast.

Bender is a fan too.

Scantily clad women were, of course, out in full force!

More skin.

We have a tie for least effort put into a costume. It goes to this ensemble (which had nipples on the back???)…

…and Card Board Box Guy (Minecraft???).


Here’s some miscellaneous shots from around the main floor and outside the convention center:

I had to jump in the anti-hero line-up.

Dylan gets the action figure treatment…

…as do I!

Django Unchained had a sweet a little western town set-up.

Across the street at Petco Park (aka: Padres Stadium) there was a simulated Zombie outbreak to traverse.

This little advertisement was set-up across the street.

Complete with real flesh-eaters!!!

This booth was like a geek collage. It had Ghost Rider‘s bike, a life size Edward Scissorhands and Superman‘s suit.

The Walking Dead booth had this sweet Season 3 photo-op with Michonne and crew.

WETA was not to be outdone with one of the coolest looking booths in the entire room!

This was one of our favorite art collections of the day.

Sideshow always has a sweet plot and showcases some of the best movie themed statues in the industry.

This was a highlight as all seven (Mark) versions of the Iron Man suits were on display.

It was so big, it took two shots to capture the whole thing!

Anybody want a mustache ride?

The Lego art was going on all over the place and it was pretty amazing!

Lego Hulk.

(Imaginary) life size Optimus Prime!

The sweet ride from Total Recall.

Looper had a tiny set-up…

…but it was pretty cool.

And, finally, the coolest shoes we saw all day!


Here are some videos we took just walking around the main floor. Check them out if you want to get a feel of what you might see if you were to attend. DEFINITELY, check out the Engineer. Enjoy:


  • Awesome tease guys! I look forward to next years Gazooka MILF coverage of Comic Con… =)

  • Awesome!! Looks like you guys had a fun time, I’ve never been to SDCC but maybe one day. I like the Boston one because it’s small enough to not be overwhelming but still has a lot of cool artists and cosplayers.

  • Its great to get an idea about what its like there! Great stuff fellas.

  • Check out the MILFcast going up later this week where we go into some greater description and detail.

  • I’m so jealous. I wish I could have come!

  • That Prometheus Cosplay is unbelievable.

  • Man, you guys had an awesome time. So jealous!

    Oh, and I think I met Wolverine #2 back during my 08 visit! Check it out!


    • And to think, we had hoped for a Massive MILF Meetup! Perhaps….next year?!?!

      Anyway, yeah, we had a lot of fun, and yeah, that does look a lot like that Wolverine. These cosplayers travel with the cons as much as Lou Ferrigno and the Star Trek gang! I also saw a He-Man that was in Phoenix a month ago.

      • I know! Totally sucks that I went and put a baby in the wife! I guess I should have waited to muddle that cocktail after SDCC. :-)

        Haha, good ol’ Lou does get around. As much as I’ve seen him at cons, you’d think I’d have asked him to fix my autograph by now. One day…

        I’ve got photos of a half-dozen faithful cosplayers that have gotten their money’s worth and then some over the years.

  • Awesome. I vow to go to one of these things in the near future.

  • Oh, and you really should have provoked that Engineer until he ripped someone’s head off. Just a suggestion, maybe for next time.

  • That Prometheus dude was so sick that I wondered for a minute if it was actually THE dude from the movie. :D

  • Heh. Ok, so I finally got a chance to catch these videos.

    I must have been right there in line when you guys got that video of the Hoff. I remember him making that skydiving comment. I didnt see you guys though… such is the madness of Comic-Con. :D

    Good job gentleman! It was nice to do a bit of the floor together, at least… nice to finally meet you both

  • Dylan has robot feelings!

    • Is that because I wasn’t whooping and hollering like Kai wanted me to?