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We all know who we’re supposed to be attracted too. The media, from Access Hollywood to the gossip mags at the grocery check out line, take every opportunity to stuff it down our throats. Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, etc. These are what we’re told are the ideal beautiful woman. However, I find, more often than not, that this is not the case.

Take, for instance, frequent guest of the MILFcast, Scott Knopf. He was OBSESSED for years with Diane Lane. I can’t fault him for it. She’s a talented and beautiful woman who appears to get only more beautiful as she ages. What’s interesting is that of all the women in Hollywood, that’s the one that got his goat for whatever reason. That is a conversation I want to have. So, let’s have it!

Below I have listed my Top 5 Celebrity Crushes and I want to hear yours. So, make sure and leave them in the comments section below.


I should state that I am not gay. I like girls. I, too, was born that way. Still, I’m an equal opportunity list maker so if I did have to switch hit, I’d certainly have good ol’ Mal at the top of my list. He’s a fanboy favorite and a dude’s dude. I just love the guy all around.


She finished just outside my top five but this is mainly because she’s new to the scene. My feelings grow a little stronger with each movie she appears in. The fact that I am married to a redhead no doubt has opened my eyes to all the lovely gingers out there. Chastain is a classic beauty and a really talented actress which makes her all the more appealing to me.


I first noticed Caplan when my wife pointed her out in Mean Girls. After films like Cloverfield and Hot Tub Time Machine, it was set in stone. As those of you who have seen the special features on the Avengers DVD know, she did a one-off for Marvel as well that sent my nerdy little head a swooning. She may the hipster choice of the list but, hey… hipsters can be pretty damn hot!


I first started crushing on Beckinsale when I saw Brokedown Palace years ago. She shot to the top of my crush list when she started plucking off Werewolves while dressed in skin tight leather from head-to-toe (Underworld). As time goes on, your tastes change and she has fallen a few spots but she will probably always be on my crush list. A stunningly beautiful woman.


My great regret in my dating life is that I never courted a Brit. If I had the chance, Miller would be my top choice. Not only is she gorgeous but there seems to be a nasty side to her as well that I find very attractive. Also, in keeping with the geek theme, Miller had my jaw dropping when she suited up to play the Baroness in G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA.


This crush goes back some time as well. I first found an affection for Piper after seeing Coyote Ugly but the real love affair started after she popped up in The Prestige. Now this list was started months ago and she was on it from the start but you can imagine my reaction when I saw her in Looper this week. I don’t want to spoil any of the great movie for you so I’ll just say DAMN!


My one true crush in life is my beautiful wife Shirley Rae. However, my all time greatest celebrity crush is Ms. McAdams. Now, truth be told, I am a giant chick. So, when I see a good chick flick, I get involved in it. I still feel like The Notebook was about her and I. I was that emotionally involved and there’s nothing any of you can say to change that. After all, isn’t that exactly what makes movies such a powerful medium?

Remember, we here at Man, I Love Films don’t do definitive lists. We do our favorites and we want to hear yours. So, make sure and tell us about them in the comments section below.

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  • Over the years I have had plenty, but currently I would have to say Anna Kendrick.

  • Lizzy Caplan all the way. Especially loved her in Party Down.

    I also really like Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan.

  • Robert Downey Jr., Johnny Depp pre-Pirates, Colin Firth, Viggo Mortensen, and Han Solo (not Harrison Ford, just Han Solo). Honorable mention to Sam Elliott’s Mustache.

  • I’m a sucker for Naomi Watts.

    The Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Catherine Deneuve.

  • Oh how I love me some Underworld Kate! Christina Hendricks also has to be right up there for me.

  • Hell yes on Lizzy Caplan. Not to be obvious, but Christina Hendricks would be near the top of my list.

  • I guess all I can add – as a straight male and a feminist (I’m an egalitarian, which means I have to be a feminist, and seriously, it can make dating a pain in the ass) – is that any actress that captivates me gets a complete pass after marriage.

    It’s partly from respect – not for the “bro” whose space I’m intruding on, but for the woman who got my superficial interest in the first place. For me, finding a woman attractive only improves my respect for her, it doesn’t diminish it. But, also, feeling “hot” for a married woman feels sad and pervy in the absolute crappiest way.

    I am attracted to a great variety of women, but there are very few times that I see someone on screen and feel some deep, strong attraction. I felt it for young Jennifer Connelly when I was just a boy, and for Heather Graham when I was a teen, and the last time I felt such a strong draw was a certain actress on an NBC show. I wish them all well, and I know it’s from how beautiful I find them as much it’s from my being impressed with their actual acting skill.

    I hope your wife takes an appropriate, but not horrible/cruel, vengeance for this post… =p