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10. Thumper


“Eating greens is a special treat, It makes long ears and great big feet. But it sure is awful stuff to eat.” I made that last part up myself.”
Thumper became the first true animated character to really draw attention away from the main character in a story and make them just as captivating as the rest of the tale.  Bambi’s theme itself was somber and melancholy, but Thumper brought an element of joy, youth, and comedy.  It also drew attention to the other animals of the forest and their role in kingdom of nature. Thumper’s enigmatic energy and enthusiastic nature made him a wondrous companion for Bambi, and today is still just as poignant.  I adore Thumper.  He is for the young, the old, and the everyone.
9. Jessica Rabbit
“I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.”
Talk about giving animation a sex appeal.  Jessica Rabbit, the goddess of the cartoon world who happened to be married to a goofy cartoon rabbit, was the suspect of a nasty murder investigation in the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit.  Well endowed and exuding a sexual prowess to the tenth power, she claimed her nature was all on the outside, and that she truly loved her strange husband.  Giving hope to men all over the world, Jessica Rabbit was the definition of male fantasy physically and even more so for marrying the goofy and off kilter funny guy.  With the sultry seductive voice of Kathleen Turner, this one is a no brainer.
8. Cartman
“Kyle’s Mom… She’s a big, fat, fuckin’ BIIIIIIIIITCH! Who’s a fuckin’ bitch? Kyle’s Mooooooooom! Yeah! ”
The morally ambiguous, crude speaking, sometimes obnoxious Cartman may have been realized on the television show South Park, but his character reigned terror across the small town in the feature film: South Park-Bigger, Longer, and Uncut.  Perhaps the most hysterical of all the character’s on South Park he is also the most funny and probably controversial character’s of all time, animation or no.  While his animated features may not be shocking, every word that comes out of his mouth is. Cartman reigns terror threw his words and will offend and encourage laughter for all time.
7. Shrek
“Ogres are like Onions”
The name Shrek means “fear” or “terror” but this animated character was far from terrifying.  With a rough and scary exterior Shrek proved it didn’t matter what was on the outside, but what was on the inside that mattered, but in a most unconventional way.  The reluctant hero is both funny and sweet.  There is a reason there was three films made about his adventures and there is more in the makes.  Shrek is not only unforgettable, but infectious.
6. Wall-E
“Eeeee… va? “
Wall-E is in my top ten animated character’s of all time.  He barely even speaks and yet can emote more feelings threw his soft sounds and reactions than some live action actors could do on their best day.  The sweetness of Wall-E is positively delightful and impossible to forget.  His relationship with EEEEEE-va along with the unconventional acquisition of his personality make him heartwarming, sweet, and funny.
5. The Genie
“Oh, Al. I’m gettin’ kinda fond of you, kid. Not that I wanna pick out curtains or anything.”
The Genie is one of the most memorable of Disney characters.  Robin Williams life force somehow came through in the Genie, making him a scene stealing entity, that’s quick wit, tender heart, and hilarious sense of humor made the film Aladdin grow layers of entertainment in all of Disney’s films.  Even the songs were just as enjoyable.  The colorful animation mixed with Williams exuberant delivery made the Genie one of animations most wondrous gifts.
4. Woody
What chance does a toy like me have against a Buzz Lightyear action figure? “
It’s impossible to have Woody without Buzz on this list and impossible to have Buzz without Woody.  The voice of reason, the leader, and also the neurotic Woody is a genuinely sweet and light hearted character in the animation world of feature films.  Woody managed to capture the real heart of Toy Story, making it more than just a kids film about toys.  While Buzz may have been the comedic part of the duo, Woody was without question the depth of the film, and what made it so easy to relate as adults or children.  When Buzz replaces Woody’s spot on Andy’s bed, true sadness follows, with the amazing delivery of Tom Hanks, and the rivalry between Woody and Buzz begins, along with their budding friendship.
3. Buzz Lightyear
“You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity. Farewell.”
Buzz Lightyear is the superhero toy that has no clue he is actually a toy.  In his mind he is truly a space marine.  When confronted with reality, the delusions of Buzz being shattering travels from hysterical comedy to a terrible sadness.  When his optimistic attitude gets the better of him he focuses on being the best toy for Andy he can be.  His sense of comedy returns and his overzealous attitude back in tact.  When Toy Story 2 is released he runs into another Buzz at a Toy Store, who is also deluded that he is actually a space marine.  It’s the same joke done two different totally brilliant ways.  Tim Allen makes Buzz is one of the best character’s animation has to offer.
2. Roger Rabbit
“Listen, my philosophy is this: If you don’t have a good sense of humor, you’re better off dead.”
Somehow in the process of doing my top 100 characters of all time I missed adding in Roger Rabbit who is without question not just one of my favorite animated character’s but also one of my favorite character’s in film period.  Being one of the first animated characters to really intermingle into a live action film and make it work flawlessly was an exceptional feat in itself, but the comic timing, the off beat nature, and zest and enthusiasm to make people laugh and smile made Roger an inspiration, but also too infectious to deny.  Most importantly, Roger will make you laugh.
1. Dory
“Would you quit it? What, the ocean isn’t big enough for you or something like that? You got a problem? Huh? Do ya, do ya, do ya? You wanna piece of me? Yeah, yeah! Ooh, I’m scared now! What?”
Dory is the greatest animated character of all time.  Partially due to the creators at Pixar and partially thanks to Ellen Degeneres, who if ever became a fish, I imagine would be just like Dory.  A character so unique and utterly energetic, with a constant zest for life and adventure, Dory is simply a never ending adventure of life.  She is the total contrast to Marlin, constantly living in the moment.  By the end of the movie Marlin learns something from Dory and she from him resulting in a friendship that continues to teach one another lessons.  Dory will make you laugh, cry, and smile.  She is an incredible leap in characters in the magical world of animation.


  • Darkwolf. Darkwolf must be on this list!

    Fire & Ice:


    Good list though, I would drop Roger Rabbit or Thumper for Darkwolf.

  • Cartman, Woody, Jessica – great choices. But what about Bart Simpson? Sure, The Simpsons jumped the shark about a decade ago, but the show’s still pretty iconic in my book. It started a whole new genre without which South Park and Family Guy might never have existed.

  • Great list Heather. I would have never thought of having Dory be on there but it is a great choice. I’m not sure if it should be number one though, but it is still a great choice. I don’t like the CGI pic of Jessica Rabbit. It’s like she went through some sort of plastic surgery. Still a great choice