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Shit gets real.  This list is near and dear to my heart.  It involves some of the most intense movie moments ever.  To qualify as a gun fight there must be return in fire.  This leaves the book wide open for lots of boom.

10. Boondock Saints

It’s almost ridiculous, clearly improbable, and the likelihood of success minimal at best.  Still the rope got used, great death was encompassed and one of the best gun fights ever happened.

9. Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid

I hate this moment. The final scene, the final shoot out, and there are so many good gun fights with our anti-heroes versus whoever “those guys” are, but the final iconic moment is the one that resonates with most of us.  Still one of cinema’s greatest bromances.

8. Terminator 2


Arnie vs. the entire police squad and no deaths?  Either this one or even the “I’ll Be Back” police station shoot out from the first one are totally iconic gun fight moments where maybe the fight was one sided, but with Arnie, let’s be honest……it always kind of is.

7. Rambo

John Rambo with a 50 Cal.  Nuff said.

6. Matrix

Metal detector intro…………yub yub……….and then all special powered slow motion ninja gun shit gets real.  This never gets boring.

5. Equilibrium


This unrated and under appreciated brilliantly pre-Batman Bale and pre-movie death jinxed Sean Bean (though spoooooooooiler alert) show exactly how you can mix ninja with guns, even though it may have been slightly Matrix influenced, this flick made it’s own mark.

4. Bad Boys II

Be a Michael Bay hater, and mock his shooting which is now cliche along with his explosions, but in Bad Boys II which was a fun, though certainly inferior sequel to what is probably my favorite and most watched action movie of all time, has one of the best gun fights ever.   Those Haitian drug dealers got some.

3. Shoot ‘Em Up


So the flick is ridiculous and over the top.  I’ve described it as a porno for action junkies.  And considering a gunfight takes place WHILE Clive Owen is making a personal porno is just damn clever, and glorious.

2. Desperado

A fun movie, maybe one of my favorite Rodriguez flicks, this bar shoot out, and actually any one of the many gun fights in this flick could make the list easily.

1. Heat

Destroy the city, this happens all the time.  In an almost thirteen minute shoot out, there just isn’t anything in cinema that compares to this.  Besides who can’t love and movie that pits DeNiro vs. Pacino.  That is shit truly getting real.


  • LETS DO: CAR CHASE SCENE, best of. The Mustang Shelby that Steve McQueen drove, and the 1969 Plymouth Road Runner (Dukes of Hazzard) that the bad hitmen crashed and burned in?

  • Very nice list. Hard to quibble too much with any of those choices.

  • Nice list. Personally, i like The Wild Bunch, 40 Guns, Warlock, and Madigan.