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By Josh Robinson:

This month, we are honoring the classics here at MAN, I LOVE FILMS. From discussions about what makes a classic film just that to which classic characters keep us coming back for more and everything in between. What I have for you is an interesting look into some classic characters that represent a love of gambling and how if you relate to one of these in particular, what that just might say about you!

When watching a film it’s a character’s believability that wins us over; the best way to do this is for an actor to understand the era they are in on screen. This connection between the ways in which a character behaves and the era they are in can take the viewer on an amazing journey.

In order to celebrate this, Ladbrokes Casino has designed a quiz for you to see which gambling era best suits you! Are you a wild cowboy like Jim West or a 70s swinger like Austin Powers?

Below we have taken a look at some of the most memorable characters from casino movies over a range of different eras.

The Cowboy – Bret Maverick (Maverick, 1994) gibson maverick

This 1994 Richard Donner directed encounter gives a great depiction of what the gambling circuit was like back in the Cowboy era. The lead character Bret is a renowned card player and wants to prove he is the best of all time by claiming victory in a high stakes game. However, he also takes up the role of a con artist, with corruption and cheating in the Wild West. During the big poker tournament, all the hands have been fixed to try and help one of Maverick’s opponents claim victory. However, Bret comes out on top with an unbeatable flush – leading to Angel trying to gun him down! The Cowboy rules were that there aren’t any rules and players weren’t afraid to try kill their opponents in the heat of the battle.

1932 scarface The Bootlegger – Antonio Camonte (Scarface, 1932)

Perhaps more famed for Al Pacino’s 1983 version, Scarface was first played by Paul Muni 50 years early. The film was loosely based on the life and times of Al Capone in Chicago during the late 1920s’ Prohibition, highlighting how rife corruption and crooked behaviour was in the period. Tony has no limit to his actions if it means he will come out on top, with killing his enemies to paying the police to stay clear of him being no skin off his back! Just like a classic Bootlegger, Tony only plays by his rules with his famed quote “This fellow’s got ideas I don’t like”, showcasing his feelings towards other people’s ideology.


The Swinger – Trent Walker and Mike Peters (Swingers, 1996)

The comedic Swingers from 1996 brings a feel good factor to cinema screen, through the lead duo of Trent and Mike. Like many casino movies, the film’s gambling scenes are set in the Bright Lights City of Las Vegas, with the pair trying their hands on the high stakes gaming tables. In classic Swinger style, Trent and Mike ride the wave of winning big and the crashing of losing it all, risking it all with a belly full of cocktails and some encouragement from their newly found lady friends. Both men play for the hell of it and try to earn a little cash, but don’t leave too down beat when they end up going home empty handed.

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