News — July 16, 2012 at 4:06 pm



More MARVEL news, and this time it involves Robert Downey, Jr. and the hero of The Avengers, Iron Man.

As our co-founders saw themselves, there is a pretty awesome picture of the armor that Tony Stark is supposed to be wearing in the film. And while the in-person look must have been cool, here’s a cleaner version for you provided by the filmmakers themselves:

Beyond that, there was also a big reveal at the showcase for the film. Ben Kingsley was already reported in the casting but we didn’t know what character (villain or otherwise) he would be playing. Footage (and Q&A’s) revealed that Kingsley will indeed be playing the character Mandarin, a super-villain who is one of Iron Man’s biggest enemies.

The film also got its first real poster, which even included a tagline (which isn’t good at all, but that’s fine).

Iron Man 3, written and directed by Shane Black, is due in theaters the same weekend next year that The Avengers was this year. We will all surely be there… but how excited are you for this? Does the bad taste of Iron Man 2 leave you any less excited for a solo project like this or has The Avengers saved everything…

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